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Vicki McBride, Tasmania I Drive
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In this section you’ll find tips and hints on how to build self confidence, how to maintain self-confidence, how to identify your strengths and why it is important to communicate this confidence to your prospects by portraying a professional image.

Whether you’re a new soloist or an old hand, building confidence and maintaining it, even in the face of challenges, is essential to creating the business you’ve always wanted.

Self-image could be the key to your success

22 Nov 14 | Samantha Hurst

The way you see yourself can dictate your level of success. Find out more about self-image and how to use it to your advantage. Read more

How to be unique without competing

06 Aug 14 | Lynda Bayada

Finding our uniqueness can be tough. But once we find it, we don’t necessarily have to treat everyone else as a competitor. Read more

Building confidence: Are you a business scaredy cat?

31 Oct 13 | Kate Toon

Running a business takes big furry balls. It requires you to be brave and challenge yourself. But if you’re a bit of a business scaredy cat, what can you do to help with building confidence? Read more

Your business is NOT boring

10 Sep 13 | Kate Toon

Worried your business is boring? Think again. Discover the excitement inside your business and others will see it too. Read more

Top tips from Flying Solo: the book

03 Sep 13 | Lucinda Lions

Business books can be a powerful inspirational tool. Here are some of my favourite small business tips from one book I've found particularly inspiring, written especially for soloists. Read more

Podcast: A lesson in business courage

01 Sep 13 | Tim Reid

Social entrepreneur Daniel Flynn talks about his goal of saving a million lives with his Thank-You product brand. Read more

Can you spot a scammer?

09 Jul 13 | Sam Leader

I’ve heard a couple of scam stories recently that I wanted to share, as exposure is the enemy of the exploitative. Read more

Take charge… like a boss!

11 Jun 13 | Jodie McLeod

Many Flying Solo members say the best and worst thing about being a soloist is being in charge. Why the lack of confidence? Here are my tips for taking charge like a boss.* Read more

Copywriting tips: Five rules of engagement

19 Apr 13 | Sara Howard

If your copy doesn’t grab your customers’ attention, how can you expect them to buy your products or services? Here are five ways to make your copy more engaging. Read more

Six signs you could become an entrepreneur

15 Mar 13 | David Solomon

How do you know if you have what it takes to start or run a business? While there’s no foolproof test, here are six signs you could possess some precious entrepreneurial DNA. Read more

Lessons for soloists from My Kitchen Rules

12 Mar 13 | Jayne Tancred

I’ve recently become addicted to My Kitchen Rules (MKR), not because I have any culinary aspirations of my own, but because it has many business lessons to teach us. Well, that’s my excuse anyway – and I’m sticking to it. Read more

Coping with change: Lessons from a 12-year-old boy

05 Mar 13 | Robert Gerrish

Master Gerrish has just started high school and while Jane and I are in a spin, Wonder Boy is taking it in his stride. Here are a few lessons he’s brought home. Read more

How to overcome paralysing fear in business

09 Feb 13 | Kathryn Hocking

Letting fear take over you in business can have a paralysing effect. By seeing fear for what it really is, and by taking these small steps, you can stop it from stopping you. Read more

Learning from business competitors: How to turn competition into inspiration

20 Jun 12 | Kathryn Hocking

Don’t let your business competitors make you feel threatened; instead, draw on them for inspiration, guidance and collaboration, and watch your business thrive. Read more

How to deal with naysayers

14 Jun 12 | Lynda Bayada

Any new business will receive some hard knocks when trying to get off the ground. These can come in the form of technology, cash flow or budgeting problems; but perhaps most commonly, hard knocks come in the form of people. Along the way to realising your Read more

Being accountable: How accountability equals credibility

08 Sep 11 | Alicia Vaughn

As a soloist, how do you respond when issues need resolving? Do you find a solution or find an excuse? How important do you think taking responsibility for your actions and being accountable is to your inner confidence? Read more

Gloomy outlook? Try these actions to stay on top.

16 Aug 11 | Robert Gerrish

It’s impossible to read the news without getting the distinct impression we’re heading for stormy weather. Here’s what you need to do. Read more

The F word: Why you need to fail more

07 Jun 11 | Peter Crocker

Fear of failure paralyses more would-be entrepreneurs than just about anything else. But success and failure go hand in hand. In fact, perhaps you’re not failing enough. Read more

Do you believe in yourself?

23 Apr 11 | Roz Howland

After many years of leading a TV-free life, I’ve recently become addicted to 'The Biggest Loser', and have found myself applying many of its lessons to my business. Read more

The benefits of topping up your confidence

08 Nov 10

In this video, Richard Woodward tells Robert how connecting with your business purpose helps you love your work. Read more

Self confidence: Are your dreams big enough?

08 Sep 10 | Zoe Routh

“Have you emailed Roger Federer about being his success coach yet?” my husband asked as we watched the Fed Express waiver at Wimbledon. Read more

Four steps to regaining self-belief

03 Sep 10 | Deb Pilgrim

Ever excitedly shared your dreams and goals with friends, colleagues or loved ones, only to find your self-confidence rocked when they don’t respond with enthusiasm? Read more

Developing confidence: The power of support

30 Jul 10 | David Moore

As a new business owner, it can take a while to get used to other soloists offering their unfailing confidence that you’ll achieve everything you set your mind to. Read more

Self-appreciation: Disable your downplayer

16 Jun 10 | Zoe Routh

I’m no good at receiving compliments. I've trained myself to say 'Thanks' instead of 'It's nothing' but I'm usually still a bit uncomfortable when I receive praise. Okay, very uncomfortable! Read more

Business lessons learned while dragon boating

02 Jun 10 | Maria Pantalone

While competing at the national dragon boat racing championships, I learned some valuable business lessons that I’d like to share with you. Read more

Business lessons from the soccer field

18 May 10 | Robert Gerrish

My son started soccer last year and frankly, his early performances weren’t the best. Then something interesting emerged and today it’s a different story. I see many parallels with business. Read more

How to develop your power of possibility

30 Jul 09 | Zoe Routh

Do you have an inner gremlin that questions your confidence and makes you doubt yourself? Here’s how to tame that niggling voice and instead develop your power of possibility. Read more

Fear of failure: Are you playing to win?

25 Nov 08 | Zoe Routh

No matter where you are in your business, I’m sure you’ve had this thought: “I want my business to be successful.” Of course you do! Read more

Building confidence by earning confidence

19 Feb 08 | Mark Moore

It’s been said that your business’ earning potential is directly related to how confident you feel. There are plenty of tips around these days on how to feel instantly confident but I’d like to suggest a more robust approach to building confidence. Read more

Why a professional image is important

22 Nov 07 | Sue Currie

The image we portray sends an important message to our clients, as well as influences how we feel about ourselves. Therefore, as soloists, we too need to consider our professional image and how to dress for success. Read more

Have confidence to start a new small business

22 Oct 07 | Sam Leader

My earlier article addressing those who are thinking of starting a new small business generated some lively conversation. This time I thought I'd discuss the role confidence plays when you start a new small business. Read more

How strength of conviction helped me win business

25 Apr 07 | Linda Anderson

Self-awareness, integrity and being true to yourself are all characteristics of a successful soloist who can win business. This was proven to me recently after I successfully played what I call the "strength of conviction game". Read more

Building confidence through positive feedback

22 Jan 07 | Sam Leader

A friend described to me recently how his 23 year old son turned a corner through receiving positive feedback when working in a computer shop. Read more

How to build and maintain self confidence

13 Jul 06 | Barb Clews

Whether you're a new soloist, or an old hand, knowing how to build self confidence and maintain self confidence at a healthy level is important. Read more

How to identify your strengths

07 Dec 05 | Ellen Jackson

In part 1 we talked about the importance of knowing your strong points to make business choices, market yourself and maintain your focus on success and balance. Now let’s look at how to identify your strengths and use them to your full advantage. Read more

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