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Kathie M. Thomas is a virtual assistant who assists business owners in managing the administrative side of their businesses so they can do what the... Read more

Kathie M. Thomas, “A Clayton’s Secretary”
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Most businesses today include online marketing as part of their business marketing strategy, and even the smallest operators are likely to have a business website.

This section provides plenty of business website tips including how to read your website statistics report, ways to improve your website conversions, e-commerce tips and questions to ask your web developer. With rapid technology advances the world of online marketing is ever changing, this section will help you stay up to date.

Is your website ready for the Google ‘mobile-friendliness’ update?

10 Apr 15 | Greg Nunan

In April 2015 Google is launching a major algorithm update that will impact every website in the world. Is your business’s website ready? Read more

A new Flying Solo heading your way!

06 Apr 15

Not before time, we’re pleased to report that Flying Solo has a brand new website in the wings. Here’s a sneak preview. Read more

Is your website smartphone friendly?

21 Feb 15 | Paul Wallbank

Given 60% of all online traffic now comes from mobile devices, it’s probably time to audit your website and check it’s smartphone ready. Read more

Four website tips for e-commerce success

06 Dec 14 | Leah Rise

With so much traffic, referrals and sales coming through websites rather than stores, it’s crucial for you to have your ecommerce site in order. Here’s how. Read more

Six mistakes of non-converting websites

10 Oct 14 | Trish Fehon

So your new website is beautiful and everyone agrees. But how's the traffic and conversions? Here are six fundamental mistakes of non-converting websites. Read more

Five ways to improve your website conversions

03 Oct 14 | Emma Henry

Increased website traffic does not necessarily translate to more sales, leads and customers, unless you improve your website conversions. Here’s how. Read more

Part 2: Common web design industry terms

21 Aug 14 | Kapil Jekishan

Puzzled by tech jargon? This second article in the series is for you! If you’re hiring a web designer or building a site yourself, know these common web terms. Read more

Part 1: Common web design industry terms

25 Jul 14 | Kapil Jekishan

Confused by web jargon? This article’s for you! If you’re hiring a web designer or building a site yourself, it’s vital to know these common web tech terms. Read more

Four easy ways to increase your website speed

13 Jun 14 | Dan Norris

Having a slow website can hurt your brand, reduce your Google rankings and kill your conversions. Find out how to make your website speed faster. Read more

How to plan a successful website

21 May 14 | Adam Binstock

The prospect of a new website brings excitement and opportunity, but the delays, additional costs, and indecision can eventually wear you down. Not anymore. Read more

A guide to your website Privacy Policy

19 Oct 13 | Vanessa Emilio

Who needs one, what should it include and how can you create it? Here’s your essential guide to website Privacy Policies. Read more

Three reasons you shouldn’t copy Terms and Conditions

03 Oct 13 | Vanessa Emilio

When creating Terms and Conditions for your website, you might wonder why you can’t just copy those of a similar business. Here are three key reasons. Read more

A guide to website Terms and Conditions

11 Sep 13 | Vanessa Emilio

What are they, who needs them, who can create them, and what should they cover? Here’s your essential guide to website Terms and Conditions. Read more

20 questions to ask your web developer

08 Jun 13 | Danielle MacInnis

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your website or have one built from scratch, ask your web developer these questions to ensure your money is well spent. Read more

Make your contact page irresistible

23 Mar 13 | Chau Ly

Does your contact page actually make people want to get in touch? Here’s how to make the contact page on your small business website more enticing. Read more

How to be the Madonna of the website world

06 Mar 13 | Kate Toon

When it comes to your business website you have two choices: you can choose the Jimmy Barnes approach, producing the same message year after year, or the Madonna approach, regularly reinventing and reinvigorating to keep your message fresh. Read more

Questions you must ask before building your website

31 Oct 12 | Mike Smith

If you’re a solopreneur or small business owner considering having a presence online, it’s important to ask yourself a lot of questions before building your website. The right questions. Read more

Multi-channel: The new language of retailing

22 Oct 12 | Robert Gerrish

I must confess that at the start of our Driving Business Online tour with PayPal my knowledge of online retailing was limited. I’m rapidly catching up, and here’s one important thing I’ve learnt about the exciting new-to-me topic of multi-channel. Read more

Five myths of selling online

24 Sep 12 | Robert Gerrish

One of the joys of touring with the Driving Business Online team was meeting the diverse business owners that attend the events. Many were solo operators and the majority are either yet to commence selling online or are taking their first tentative steps. Read more

Conversion rates: How to create an effective landing page

24 Aug 12 | Chau Ly

The landing page of your business website is key to turning online visitors into conversions. Ensure your landing pages perform to maximum effect with these tips. Read more

Using well-known brands in domain names

17 Aug 12 | Jacqui Pryor

If you are a practitioner of an existing product, you may be tempted to register a domain name containing that product or brand name. But there are some things you should consider before using well-known brands in domain names. Read more

Promoting your small business online: Building a website

28 Jul 12 | Danielle MacInnis

Building a website is the first step to ensuring you get the most out of promoting your small business online. Read more

How good is your small business website? Find out in two minutes.

04 Jul 12 | Dan Norris

If you are reading this and you have a small business, it’s probably a given that you have a website already. But is your small business website effective? Take this test to find out. Read more

Business website tips: website syndromes and how to cure them

28 Oct 11 | Lucinda Lions

Sometimes websites can take on a life of their own, developing human-like syndromes that can drive potential customers away. In this article, I share some business website tips and show you how to cure three common website syndromes. Read more

Dale Beaumont's Top 5 website tips

24 Aug 11

Is your website working hard to support your business? To ensure it is, follow these tips from Dale Beaumont. Read more

Before you start building your website

07 Jul 11 | Danielle MacInnis

Nearly one in four micro businesses in Australia don’t have websites – yet. If you’re one of them, and looking into your options, here are some key issues to consider before you start building your website. Read more

Is your website mobile-friendly?

07 Feb 11 | Megan Hills

If someone is looking at your website from their smartphone, PDA or palm-sized computer, what do they see? Is your website mobile-friendly? Read more

Websites 101: Developing your web presence

26 Jan 11 | David Moore

Promoting your website and developing a web presence is an ongoing job. These tips will get beginners up and running. Read more

Websites 101: Getting started with DIY websites

17 Dec 10 | David Moore

Those in the market for a website may have considered building their own. If you have thought about DIY websites, here are some options to consider. Read more

Websites 101: Understanding web hosting

20 Nov 10 | David Moore

When you buy a domain name you buy more than just a website address. Most people buy an all-in-one package that includes a domain name, email and web hosting. Read more

What’s your website’s mission?

15 Nov 10 | David Lawrence

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your website has a mission. Your website's mission is the one thing it needs to achieve above all else. Read more

Business websites 101: What is a domain name?

15 Oct 10 | David Moore

A domain name is the unique portion of a business website address. It’s the string of letters (and sometimes numbers) between the ‘www.’ and the ’.com.au.’ Read more

Business website tips: Is your website wilting?

13 Sep 10 | Lucinda Lions

Countless websites suffer from a disease I’ve nicknamed ‘website wilt’. In this article I'll provide business website tips to find out what website wilt is, and why you should avoid it at all costs. Read more

Buying a website

11 Aug 10 | Tristan Boyd

Instead of hiring a website design company to build a website for you, what if you could find an existing site that met your needs? Have you considered buying a website? Read more

Measuring website performance

04 Oct 09 | Tristan Boyd

A website is like a salesperson that never sleeps. Well, in the same way that you’d set clear targets for a salesperson, it’s important to identify your website objectives and put time into regularly measuring website performance against them. Read more

Tips for promoting your website

16 Jun 09 | Amanda Gonzalez

You’ve been handed the keys to your brand new website, and are ready to tell the world. But how exactly are you going to promote your website, and will it cost the earth? Consider these seven good ol’ fashioned tips. Read more

Online business websites: Common mistakes

06 Apr 09 | Robert Gerrish

Having started my first business as the last recession took hold, I have some strangely positive recollections. Like how the marketplace rids itself of online business websites that frankly never deserved to be there. Read more

Creating a trustworthy website

05 Apr 09 | Lucinda Lions

With thousands of hoax websites on the internet, it’s important that your website gains the trust of your clients. Here are tips on how you can use your website copy to create a trustworthy website. Read more

Effective business websites

14 Jul 08 | Peter Crocker

In my web browser, I have a folder called ‘business websites I like’. It contains random sites that, for one reason or another, drew me in. Looking back at the list, they have three ingredients in common that make them effective business websites. Read more

Mistakes to avoid when creating a website - Part 3

16 May 08 | David Lawrence

Part one discussed mistakes to avoid when creating a website. Part two further explored this idea looking at how to pick a web developer and the importance of compatibility and simplicity. In this final part we look at how to handle limitations. Read more

Mistakes to avoid when creating a website - Part 2

10 Apr 08 | David Lawrence

My first article looked at common mistakes to avoid when creating a website. Here I explore the idea further by looking at the benefits of keeping your website simple, how to pick a web developer and the importance of compatibility. Read more

Mistakes to avoid when creating a website - Part 1

18 Jan 08 | David Lawrence

A website is an important tool for soloists when it comes to communicating with existing clients and attracting new ones. In this article I will discuss four common mistakes to avoid when creating a website for your business. Read more

Tips for a better website

03 Oct 06 | Melissa Norfolk

If you make reference to your website in your business marketing, perhaps via a Yellow Pages ad, now is the ideal time to spring clean and create a better website. Read more

Website statistics: Digging deeper into your webstats

17 Aug 06 | Melissa Norfolk

In an earlier article on how to read your website statistics reports we looked at the terminology of website statistics or webstats. In this article, we look at how webstats can give you greater insight into how visitors are using your website. Read more

How to read your website statistics report

18 Apr 06 | Melissa Norfolk

Do you know which figures are the most important on your website statistics report? Or perhaps you've never seen a website statistics report and are wondering “what are website statistics?” Read more

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