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How to create a snappy video for your about page

If you're looking to quickly build a connection with your prospects, there's little to beat the power of video. Sherene Strahan is an experienced TV producer who knows how to avoid bloopers and build engagement.

21 January 2017 by

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Robert Gerrish

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  • Sally Sally

    I make money with google adsense about $50 per each month. Are there any person make over $100 with google adsense. Shere your monthly money making strength here..

  • Sally Sally

    “I’m going to be starting yet another startup soon. Yes, I know what you’ve been saying for months now Harold and yes, I am actively doing that, I’m almost certified in business administration, personal finance, and marketing. School does wonders, heh, who knew?

    And yes, this does have a little teeny-tiny bit of funding from my part time job (currently making $10 an hour working 20-30 hours a week), which will be going towards hiring developers (probably hourly), advertising across Google Adwords, etc.

    But my question is: what gets websites to rank so high, even when they’re only a few years old? What are the secrets? Should I pay for managed services like Attracta?”

  • Sally Sally

    I need some low competitive keywords in web master niches, how can I find them?
    I tried Google Adwords but I’m not seeing any low competitive keywords, please let me know.

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