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Four tips to help you grow web traffic

Read about ways to grow web traffic so that you can improve your leads and sales.

3 February 2015 by

There is an overwhelming amount of advice on the topic of improving your search engine rankings, and you could probably make a full-time job out of working on your SEO. But if you’re a busy soloist, here are some useful tips to help you grow web traffic.

Make sure you are targeting the right keywords

You are probably aware of the need to use keywords to ensure that search engines categorise your site appropriately, but there is a lot more to it than picking the most popular words and slapping them on your site.

If you want to improve your site traffic it may be worth spending a little extra time finding the high demand keywords, which could have less competition, and to test them with a platform like Google Adwords. This will help you find out if the keywords will bring you the best results.

Whatever keywords you choose, make sure they are specific to what you are offering.

Produce regular content

Regular blogging is one of the best ways to generate more traffic and build your subscriber base. If your articles are relevant, targeted and well written, they can yield excellent results.

"Making the most of available tools and sticking to a regular content-posting schedule, can start to see a steady increase in your website visitors."

To increase your exposure and build links to your site you can also approach other websites and industry publications for guest blogging opportunities.

Try new forms of social media

Maybe you’re already using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but have you considered some of the newer social media platforms? Google + is gaining in popularity, as are other sites including Pinterest, and Quora. It’s well worth checking them out to see whether they can help you grow your web traffic.

Although social media marketing can be time consuming, there are a number of tools available including Hootsuite, Buzzbundle and Sendible to help you manage and streamline your updates.

Use incentives and giveaways

A great giveaway can help increase your website subscribers and encourage people to spread the word about your website. A giveaway can be something as simple as a guide, information or a product. What matters most is that it is useful and relevant.

Increasing your website traffic doesn’t require a great deal of technical knowledge or hours of your time. By making the most of available tools and sticking to a regular content-posting schedule, you can start to see a steady increase in your website visitors, and hopefully, your sales.

What are your tips to grow website traffic?

Jo Macdermott

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  • Jess D’souza

    These steps are helpful to grow web traffic. I suggest you some ways like Blogging, forum posting, article submission useful to increase website traffic. Also try to make contents unique and engaging so that user will read it, add internal links, write irresistible headings to get more result.

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