Jane Yang, Bluejade

I am a dressmaker with 30 years experience in designing and creating high quality garments. Read more

Jane Yang, Bluejade
Vitaly Ogulev, Netcomp Solutions
Ally Minatsis, Berry Web Design
Sonja Meyer, Sustainable Graphic Design
Sharon Chim, Queen Bee Maternity
Richard Jenner, The Type Shed
Mary Anastasiou, Imagine Creative
Evan Fortune, Vision6
Caterina Zaini, Global Logistics Consulting
Stacey Fuller, Travel By Trolley Creative
Phil Horan, Hello Real Estate
Steve Pagratis, Divert to mobile
Jen Clark, Jen Clark Design
Rebecca Fisher, Clearly Creative
Fiona Johnston, Peach Business Management
Mark Vanzo, SMART Business Insurance
Trish Fehon, OnlineInfluence.com.au
Gabriel Dukes, Shelcom Corporate Services
Rachael Neumann, Eventbrite Australia
Karen Curran, Unicorn Graphics

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Do you find yourself paying more attention to your business brand than your own personal brand?
58% - Yes
41% - No
Do you find yourself paying more attention to your business brand than your own personal brand?

Work smart | Growth

When we first set out down the solo business path, growing sales and profits is clearly one of the key drivers. However, growing your business can be a double-edged sword.

If business growth takes off more quickly than expected, managing this is critical for ensuring our systems and cash flow can cope with demand. Alternatively, in slow times it is critical to understand business growth strategies to maintain profitability.

How to partner your way to a bigger business

26 Mar 15 | Michael Griffiths

Does a steady stream of pre-qualified new clients sound like a bit of a dream? It doesn’t have to be if you find the right referral partners. Read more

Scaling up. When is it time to grow your solo business?

13 Mar 15 | Kelly Exeter

If you’re a soloist wondering “when is the right time to get some help, where do I find the right person, and how do I afford them?” then you’re going to love the story of Sarah and Jo. Read more

Product sourcing: The problem with samples

11 Mar 15 | Brian Mallyon

If you require samples from an overseas manufacturer, there are some important things you need to know to reduce the risk of problems. Read more

4 small changes guaranteed to increase profits

14 Feb 15 | Samantha Hurst

Boosting your bottom line doesn’t require a big budget or even huge amounts of time. You’ll be surprised at how effective just these four little tweaks can be. Read more

Product sourcing: Minimum Order Quantity

07 Feb 15 | Brian Mallyon

When ordering products from suppliers, generally there will be a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). Find out more. Read more

How to effectively use Incoterms

28 Jan 15 | Caterina Zaini

To assist with buying and selling overseas, the International Chamber of Commerce created Incoterms®. Find out how to use them effectively. Read more

Global product sourcing: due diligence

10 Jan 15 | Brian Mallyon

After deciding to source products from overseas, one of the biggest challenges is to identify a suitable supplier. Complete your due diligence. Read more

Benefits of overseas product sourcing agents

12 Nov 14 | Brian Mallyon

When sourcing overseas products, a middle man does not necessarily mean additional cost, it can mean less cost, and a lot less headaches. Read more

Part 2: Shipping Incoterm codes defined

08 Nov 14 | Caterina Zaini

Incoterms® are three-letter codes maintained by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) for the purpose of importing and exporting. Find out more. Read more

Part 1: Shipping Incoterm codes defined

08 Oct 14 | Caterina Zaini

Incoterms® are three-letter codes maintained by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) for the purpose of importing and exporting. Find out more. Read more

Part 2: How to interview for an employee

06 Sep 14 | Natasha Hawker

You know how to conduct the first part of an interview, now let’s take a look at the second part, which includes some no go areas! Read more

Website branding versus website sales

05 Sep 14 | Trish Fehon

What should you prioritise on your website – branding and presentation, or generating leads and sales? Well, here’s my two cents, and you might not like it. Read more

Nine tips to reduce your fear of hiring

30 Aug 14 | Warren Harmer

If you want to grow your business it’s important to build a team. But if you’re afraid of hiring, here are nine hiring tips to help dampen the dread. Read more

Part 1: How to interview for an employee

02 Aug 14 | Natasha Hawker

Your business is growing and it’s time to hire your first or more employees. In this two part series, I’ll provide some useful interview tips. Read more

How to have the most loyal Virtual Assistant

31 Jul 14 | Kevin Mallen

To have the world’s most loyal Virtual Assistant (VA), consider the five approaches in this article. They’re easy to implement and highly effective. Read more

Five tips to manage virtual staff

28 May 14 | Kevin Mallen

Having a virtual workforce is a popular and less expensive option for many soloists. The following five tips will help you get the most from your virtual staff. Read more

Four steps to hiring your first employee

17 May 14 | Natasha Hawker

Thing are getting busier in your solo business and you need help. But where do you start? Try these four steps. Read more

How to work with a virtual team

25 Apr 14 | Natasha Hawker

A virtual team is an affordable way to grow your business. In this article I’ll share my own story, as well as how to create a productive and successful team. Read more

Biz Growth: Solo to micro without headaches

05 Apr 14 | Natasha Hawker

If you’re going it alone but getting busier, there are cost effective ways to bring on help. Let’s look at the options available to you. Read more

Six tips for hiring an employee

15 Feb 14 | Andrew Morris

Good employees may be your greatest asset but they are also your greatest expense, so it pays to use smart strategies when recruiting. Read more

Hiring tips for soloists and micro business owners

08 Feb 14 | Natasha Hawker

As a soloist or micro business owner you may need to hire new staff as your business grows. Here are my seven tips. Read more

Employee awards: What you need to know

29 Jan 14 | Natasha Hawker

If you employ staff or plan to, you'll need to know which award your employees are covered under. Does it matter? Yes it does, and more than you think. Here’s how to protect your business. Read more

Importing: Know incoterms or pay the price

22 Jan 14 | Dr Tim Nielsen

Incoterms are three-letter codes that set the internationally recognised terms for the interpretation of shipping arrangements. Avoid costly mistakes by understanding them. Read more

Podcast: How to create another revenue stream

05 Jan 14 | Tim Reid

Would you like to know how to create another revenue stream in your business? The Internet may well be your answer. Read more

Diversification: How to diversify your business

18 Dec 13 | Bree Vreedenburgh

Diversifying your business can create new income streams, helping it to grow and become more profitable. So how do you go about doing it? Read more

Importing and distributing: third-party logistics providers

07 Dec 13 | Dr Tim Nielsen

Contracting a third-party provider to look after logistics can be a saviour for businesses involved in importing and distributing. But there are some things to be aware of before you commit. Read more

Diversification: Should I diversify my business?

27 Nov 13 | Bree Vreedenburgh

There are many potential benefits of diversifying your products, services or markets, but only if your business is ready to branch out. Read more

Business growth: Are you ready for the next level?

21 Nov 13 | John Corias

The prospect of business expansion tempts many small-business owners, but business growth is only a good thing if you’re ready for it. Here’s how you can tell if your business is prepared for progress. Read more

What if it takes 10 years?

19 Nov 13 | Robert Gerrish

If shortly after starting your business, someone with a crystal ball told you it would be a decade before you really felt you’d cracked it, what would you do? Here’s what I reckon. Read more

How to make shipping and customs easier

16 Nov 13 | Dr Tim Nielsen

Shipping merchandise to Australia and clearing it through customs is a complicated logistical operation. One option to make the process easier is to engage a freight forwarder (FF). Read more

Business growth: enhancing your customer experience

08 Nov 13 | Amanda Jesnoewski

Of the many ways to increase profitability in your business, giving your customers an experience they’ll never forget is a highly effective one. Read more

Financing options for micro businesses

30 Oct 13 | Claire Whiteley

Establishing a new business – or growing your current one – usually requires extra funds, but how do you find them? Read more

How to approach your first overseas supplier

18 Oct 13 | Dr Tim Nielsen

Making contact with an overseas supplier for the first time can be a daunting prospect for the uninitiated. Here’s a quick checklist of some of the key issues you need to consider in order to plan your approach. Read more

Small business growth: Are your systems ready?

17 Oct 13 | Mary Gardam

Creating systems for your business allows you to streamline processes, manage new employees more effectively and, in effect, grow. But are your systems ready for hiring new staff? Read more

Your role in importing: agent or distributor?

28 Sep 13 | Dr Tim Nielsen

Your role in the importing process can affect the level of risk you take on, the profits you make and the control you have over the product, so it’s important to know where you stand. Read more

To grow or not to grow: What’s holding you back?

26 Sep 13 | Craig Jackson

Your business is chomping at the bit: it wants to grow, but you’re not so sure. If this sounds like you, the following pointers will help you confront your concerns and prepare you for small business growth. Read more

Podcast - Building a business in the bush

22 Sep 13

If you've ever pondered going bush or are looking at new markets, Benita Bensch knows the ropes. Read more

Podcast: A lesson in business courage

01 Sep 13 | Tim Reid

Social entrepreneur Daniel Flynn talks about his goal of saving a million lives with his Thank-You product brand. Read more

Five ways to fix your online business

21 Aug 13 | Vanessa Emilio

Get your online business off to a winning start and help it to grow with these five tips. Read more

How to set up an advisory board for your solo business

26 Jul 13 | Kate Tribe

An advisory board is a group of people with various expertise who provide strategic advice to the CEO of an organisation. But your business doesn’t have to be big to have one. Here’s how to set up a board for your solo business. Read more

Don’t let ‘getting bigger’ get in the way of business growth

06 Apr 13 | Michelle Kvello

It’s an oxymoron, right? How could getting bigger possibly get in the way of your growth? Well, it can and it quite often trips businesses up. Read more

The power of patience

12 Feb 13 | Peter Crocker

In a world that glorifies rapid growth, romanticises rags-to-riches stories and lauds overnight sensations, you’d think that business success hinges on dreaming up the next big idea. Does it really? Read more

How to make more money

15 Dec 12 | Zoe Routh

Having a clearly defined, full-of-enthusiasm reason for wanting to make more money will go a long way to making it happen. Read more

When is it time to hire an employee?

11 May 12 | Brad Callaughan

If you are planning to hire an employee in order to help grow or support your business, just how should you go about it? Read more

Growth strategies: Avoid growing pains in your business

16 Nov 11 | Dean Parker

Most businesses aim to grow. But growth strategies must be implemented carefully. If you lose focus on what you do best or on who your ideal and most profitable customers are, things can begin to get messy. Read more

Tips on doing business in Asia

09 Mar 11 | David Thomas

Doing business in Asia requires a different way of thinking to doing business in Australia. Here are some important points to keep in mind. Read more

BRIC countries: Are you ready for the new BRIC consumer?

04 Dec 10 | David Thomas

Brazil, Russia, India and China, collectively referred to as the BRIC countries, are home to an enormous emerging middle class with massive buying power. Read more

Are you seizing global opportunities?

08 Nov 10

Hear the 'why, where and what's of how a business expands into foreign markets from David Thomas, who shares his insight with Robert. Read more

Grow your business with joint ventures

09 Oct 10 | Deb Pilgrim

In its simplest form, a joint venture partnership is a business agreement with another business. Done well, it can be a mutually beneficial way for both of you to grow your business. Read more

Are you ready for international expansion?

19 May 10 | David Thomas

Establishing your business overseas can be both risky and rewarding. To determine whether your business is ready for international expansion, work through this series of simple questions. Read more

Business downsizing: When receding beats growth

27 Apr 10 | Robert Gerrish

A couple of days ago an email dropped into my inbox from an old client who’d just undone years of expansion. Was he happy to be solo again? You bet! Read more

Turn your service based business into a product

06 Dec 09 | Sara Howard

I had many ‘Aha!’ moments at Flying Solo LIVE!, but it was a question from the floor that really got me thinking about how I could turn my service-based business into a product. Read more

China's economic growth: Seven lessons

10 Nov 09 | David Thomas

I have just returned from my first visit to China since the GFC and signs of confidence and growth are everywhere. Here are my key observations about China's economic growth. Read more

Breaking habits: Let go and grow!

28 Sep 09 | Roz Howland

What’s one thing you could give up that would benefit your business? Simplifying parts of your business and life can be liberating. Here’s how to commit to breaking habits and letting go. Read more

Why businesses need to think global, act local

26 Aug 09 | David Thomas

In today’s global markets, the ‘think global, act local’ philosophy has more relevance than ever for the owners and directors of small business, particularly in Australia. Read more

Nifty ideas for growing your business

26 May 09 | Heather Smith

Every minute counts! If you find yourself with some spare time in your diary here are some original ideas to grow your business in every direction. Read more

Wealth attraction: Using mindset mastery

17 Feb 09 | Zoe Routh

There has been an abundance of literature on the subject of mindset mastery for wealth attraction, but before you start rolling your eyes why not put the 'woo woo' to the test? Join in for fun and if you are serious about cranking up the revenue. Read more

How to increase revenue using up-selling

07 Sep 08 | Louise Gorrie

Up-selling and cross-selling is cheap to implement, develops customer relationships and can dramatically increase revenue. Are you taking advantage of it in your business? Read more

Solo business growth strategies

06 Mar 08 | Kate Tribe

As a soloist, you may love your work but for many there comes a time when you reach the limit of your experience and want to push your business further. Here are the business growth strategies I've implemented to do just that. Read more

Promotional giveaways: How to create a Value Add product

24 Jun 07 | Megan Tough

Why take your depth of knowledge for granted, when you can turn that information into promotional giveaways that add value to your clients? Here's how to create what can become a powerful marketing tool for your business. Read more

Business growth: A home office or commercial office space?

14 May 07 | Melissa Norfolk

When you experience business growth, is it better to stay in a home office, or move out? Late last year I moved my business out of home and into commercial office space. It's time to update you on what this has meant for me and for the business. Read more

Generating new business: Lessons learned from a slow period

19 Apr 07 | Megan Tough

I know the occasional slow period is a normal part of life as a soloist, but when one hit recently, I was unprepared for the anguish I'd feel when not generating new business! Fortunately I now know a short amount of down time is not a disaster. Read more

Five reasons to grow your business

02 Nov 06 | Melissa Norfolk

For the soloist, once business starts to take off, there comes a time you need to decide whether to grow your business or keep it simple. Will you take on staff? Will you remain at home or move to bigger premises? Read more

Workload management: How to handle growing pains

26 Oct 06 | Karen Morris

How you proceed if you find yourself swamped with work depends largely on your personal goals and the direction you want to take in the future. Three soloists share their workload management experiences. Read more

Are part time staff right for your business?

10 Jul 05 | Barb Clews

My recent experience with hiring part time staff has made me appreciate one of the best things about working for myself is the lack of office politics. Read more

Managing small business growth: Success is in the bag

05 Jul 05 | Sam Leader

Do you want to know more about managing small business growth? Ethan Nyholm, co-founder of digital luggage specialist STM (Standard Technical Merchandise), describes what it's like going from solo to small business. Read more

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