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Work smart | Innovation

Your ability to develop and implement effective business innovation strategies will not only provide business growth but can also give your business a competitive edge over the competition.

In this section you’ll find tips and tricks to help you to stimulate business innovation and hints for learning to be creative, as well as some simple business innovation tools to bring new ideas into your own business. Business innovation doesn’t always come naturally, so that’s why you need to actively implement business growth strategies and create time and space for generating ideas.

Why you need to write your own Business Bible

23 Jul 14 | Matthew White

Writing ideas and inspiration in a notebook may be the best business habit you get into. You’ll be creating your very own, priceless Business Bible. Read more

Podcast: Son buys dad's business

25 May 14 | Tim Reid

Is your business just earning you a wage? Do you feel like you’re trapped in a 'job', when you thought you’d be running the business of your dreams? That was how Glenn Walton’s Brisbane arbory business was until he took over from his dad. Read more

Crowdfunding: How to raise heaps of cash

20 May 14 | Lucinda Lions

Aussie soloist, Darren Yeow, raised $30,000 in three hours for his Kickstarter project – over $120,000 in total. Let’s learn more. Read more

Business Survival: How to adapt to change

09 Apr 14 | Michael Quinn

Having run my own business for 25 years, I’ve had to adapt to change in order to remain competitive. Here’s how I did it. Read more

Podcast - How the world of work is changing

09 Feb 14

Coaching Couch guest, Craig Rispin is a business futurist and innovation expert and in this interview he shares his insights into a couple of major changes ahead for small business. Read more

How to be innovative in small business

11 Dec 13 | Heather Smith

Innovation is often touted as the secret to business success. But what exactly does being innovative in small business involve, and how can you do it? Read more

Podcast - Turning ideas into reality

17 Nov 13

Having worked in the creative sector for most of his life, Nigel Collin has a passion for seeing people fulfil their ideas. In this podcast he shares his secrets. Read more

Never let me go

04 Sep 13 | Paul Wallbank

Why businesses still clinging on desperately to baby-boomer customers are failing. Read more

Three lessons I learnt from rebranding my business

01 Mar 13 | Jess Tyler

After 13 years in operation, I realised my business had outgrown its branding. Here’s what I learnt from the rebranding process. Read more

Licensing your intellectual property

20 Feb 13 | Jacqui Pryor

If you own intellectual property then you have the right to authorise other people to use it (aka license the use) if you wish. Before you do, here are some considerations you should be aware of. Read more

Be an Industry Original

07 Sep 12 | Katie McMurray

Becoming an Industry Original will instantly make your business more marketable, but how do you be unique? Step one: listen to your clients. Read more

Dare to be different

01 Sep 12 | David Solomon

No business owner did anything special by aiming for average. Dare to be different and set your sights on the road less travelled to achieve something truly remarkable. Read more

Podcast: Talking business building & creativity with Tania de Jong AM

01 Jul 12 | Tim Reid

Tania De Jong AM is one of Australia’s leading Sopranos and also manages to run a variety of very cool businesses including an innovations workshop business, a talent agency and a charity that helps disadvantaged people find employment. Read more

Unlock the value of the internet economy

16 Jun 12 | Michelle Kvello

The internet economy is estimated to reach $4.2 trillion in the G-20 countries by 2016. So exactly where does the value for soloists lie and how can you leverage it to take your slice of the pie? Read more

Podcast: How To be innovative in your business

29 Apr 12 | Tim Reid

In this mind-opening interview, Phil McKinney, an innovation expert based in Silicon Valley, explains clearly and simply how any small business can introduce and benefit from an innovations culture. Read more

How technology has put a dent in the universe

27 Apr 12 | Dan Norris

I recently watched my son, who’s almost 2 years old, pick up my iPhone, unlock it, get on to YouTube, navigate through the recent videos and start watching The Wiggles' Big Red Car video. Read more

An introduction to ‘Six Hats’ thinking

07 Mar 12 | Heather Smith

Compared to unstructured brainstorming, Dr Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats method has been proven to reduce how long it takes to generate inspirational and innovative ideas. Read more

Innovation or renovation?

28 Jun 11 | Jayne Tancred

Recently I’ve met two young designers who use objects discarded by others as the starting point for their work. It’s really got me thinking about the importance – or otherwise – of originality. Read more

Are you banishing the bland?

12 Apr 11 | Peter Crocker

I recently saw an interview where the questioner asked, “What do you fear most?” The unexpected and thought-provoking response was “Living a bland life.” Read more

Podcast: Discover how to save plenty with Google’s alternative to Microsoft Office

11 Dec 10 | Tim Reid

Michael McKinnon, from AppsLife, tells Tim Reid and Luke Moulton exactly how a Google Apps product is revolutionising the way small business owners can access documents. Read more

Taking a peek into the future

09 Nov 10

Identifying the next big thing can be a question of observing the future that's already here, but in another country. Craig Rispin expalins this concept further in this video. Read more

When do you have your best ideas?

09 Nov 10

Robert explains how some of the most important work you will do happens away from your desk. Read more

The value of an inquiring mind

08 Nov 10

What could exist in the future that doesn't exist now? Tania de Jong shares an inventive story with Robert. Read more

The most creative people I know

19 Oct 10 | Sam Leader

Writers, designers, actors, artists… they are all deemed ‘creative’. But creativity isn’t the preserve of talented individuals. For soloists, it’s a way of life. Read more

How to become a futurist

08 Oct 10 | Robert Gerrish

In this short video interview, Craig Rispin tells us how to be a futurist. Read more

Six steps to creative success

02 Jul 10 | Kate James

Are you a starving artist? A writer in a draughty garret? Newsflash: creative people need to eat too. Here’s how you can be productive, profitable AND have creative success. Read more

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

15 Dec 09 | Peter J Cahill

Exceptionally savvy entrepreneurs often seem to easily outsmart their competition and have fun doing it. You can too. All it takes is learning to have an entrepreneurial mindset. Read more

Protecting your intellectual property

11 Oct 09 | Lucinda Lions

From logos and designs to inventions and products, all businesses have valuable ideas that need protecting. I spoke to an intellectual property expert to get advice for soloists on protecting your intellectual property. Read more

Surviving tough times using creative thinking

10 Feb 09 | Kate James

In the grip of tough times, many accept the apparent fact that business is going to be tough for a while. Others choose to believe that challenging times create opportunities for creative thinking. It’s all in the way you look at it. Read more

Making money offering work experience

26 Jun 08 | Heather Smith

Interested in making more money and doing less work? Why not get someone to do your job for you, and pay you for that privilege. Does this sound too good to be true? Read on to find out more about making money offering work experience. Read more

Six ways to stimulate business innovation and creativity

28 Oct 07 | Kate Tribe

Have you ever thought “when I get more money or have more time, then I can start thinking of new ideas”? If you have, then you‘ve created your own barrier to innovation. This article looks at six ways to stimulate innovation and creativity. Read more

Business innovation tools: How to think innovatively

22 Jul 07 | Megan Tough

Most of us are used to thinking in logical and rational ways - in fact our business demands it! So how do we go about thinking innovatively? Here are some simple innovation tools to bring new ideas into your business. Read more

Innovation tools to tame the flow of ideas

22 May 07 | Robert Gerrish

Megan Hill's piece on mind mapping that got me pondering the theme of ideas, and in particular the flow of ideas. Read more

Learning to be creative

04 Feb 07 | Kath O'Sullivan

Some people wrongly assume there are certain “creative” types out there who will spontaneously generate brilliant, world-stopping ideas all day if you stick them in a room with some trendy designer furniture and a chai latte. Read more

Creative thinking: What would Virgin Blue do?

15 Oct 06 | Tim Reid

If you're struggling with a lack of ideas or inspiration, sometimes it helps to do some creative thinking and ask, what approach might another business you admire take? Read more

Innovation management: Five innovation ideals

27 Jun 06 | Paul J. Morris

You may have already heard the hype about the significance of innovation management and its potential for businesses, especially smaller ones, but what conditions are conducive to innovation? Read more

Business innovation strategies: Don't wait, innovate!

31 Oct 05 | Paul J. Morris

Our ability to develop business innovation strategies will not only give us a competitive edge, it will also ensure our business' survival in the future. Read more

Making space for generating ideas

16 Oct 05 | Robert Gerrish

Fresh ideas keep us motivated. But chances are these ideas won't come when you're stuck behind your desk. It is necessary to create time and space for generating ideas and creative thinking. Read more

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