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Work smart | Processes

Putting in place effective business processes is a key way of working smarter, not harder. And once the business processes have been implemented, it is beneficial to document your business procedures to save you time in the future.

This section includes a wide range of business processes articles covering topics such as project management skills, stock management, sourcing overseas products and how to organise your paperwork. It is good practice to regularly monitor your business processes to see where improvements or changes can be made to help things run more smoothly.

Is your business robbing you of sleep?

19 Apr 15 | Matthew White

As small business owners it’s easy to burn the candle at both ends. It’s time to stop glorifying how little you sleep, and rejuvenate your way to success. Read more

Maybe it’s time to stop building your business

15 Apr 15 | Karen Gunton

Everything we read about business these days tells us how to structure things. But they don’t really mention the most important thing, a foundation of resilience. Read more

Consistency in business – why it matters and how to achieve it

14 Apr 15 | Kelly Exeter

Are potential clients getting a different impression about your business depending on where they first come across you? Read more

Overseas supplier payment options

08 Apr 15 | Brian Mallyon

There are a number of different payment options that can be used when dealing with an overseas supplier. Read more

How more sales can cause cash-flow problems

25 Mar 15 | Sue Hirst

A big boost in sales seems like a dream come true, but there can be a cash-flow sting in the tail. Here’s how to manage increased sales growth like a pro. Read more

A simple way to work on your business. Every day.

17 Mar 15 | Kelly Exeter

One of the things soloists find hardest is working on their business as opposed to in it. Is the solution for this problem as simple as creating a new habit? Read more

Product sourcing: The problem with samples

11 Mar 15 | Brian Mallyon

If you require samples from an overseas manufacturer, there are some important things you need to know to reduce the risk of problems. Read more

4 practical ways to improve your cash flow

05 Mar 15 | Campbell King

Small enterprises are always looking for ways to better manage their cash flow. These 4 tips are practical, simple to enact … and they work! Read more

Tips to help you take holidays

26 Feb 15 | Michaela Clark

One of the toughest things about being a soloist is taking a holiday. Here are my top seven tips to help you do just that! Read more

Product sourcing: Minimum Order Quantity

07 Feb 15 | Brian Mallyon

When ordering products from suppliers, generally there will be a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). Find out more. Read more

Systems 1, Goals 0

27 Jan 15 | Sam Leader

Having previously proudly described myself as ‘goal-oriented’ I am now convinced goals are a crock. Here’s why. Read more

Global product sourcing: due diligence

10 Jan 15 | Brian Mallyon

After deciding to source products from overseas, one of the biggest challenges is to identify a suitable supplier. Complete your due diligence. Read more

Benefits of overseas product sourcing agents

12 Nov 14 | Brian Mallyon

When sourcing overseas products, a middle man does not necessarily mean additional cost, it can mean less cost, and a lot less headaches. Read more

Confidentiality agreements: What, when, how!

23 Oct 14 | Vanessa Emilio

Got a great idea? The best way to protect it is through a confidentiality agreement. Find out more. Read more

Sourcing overseas products? Read on

02 Oct 14 | Brian Mallyon

It’s worthwhile to consider sourcing stock from overseas. For some it will be a better option, for others – not. Here are some important things to consider. Read more

Five systems your clients will love

03 Sep 14 | Mary Gardam

In business, it’s important not to just think about yourself and your own systems. Here are five small business systems your clients will love. Read more

Hiring woes: Five common recruitment mistakes

05 Jul 14 | Natasha Hawker

If you’re about to hire an employee, make sure you’re aware of these common recruitment mistakes. Hire correctly now and you’ll prevent a lot of headaches later. Read more

How to gain your clients’ respect

01 Jul 14 | Lynda Bayada

You treat your clients with respect, right? But it’s equally important that they respect you too. Here are some tips to help gain and maintain their respect. Read more

Five signs your business needs systemising

04 Jun 14 | Mary Gardam

Systemising is rubbish, right? You need the freedom to run your business just the way you like…until you see these five scary signs that say, ‘systemise me’. Read more

New privacy laws: Understand them or pay

20 Mar 14 | Vanessa Emilio

Privacy is an issue that you must now take seriously, not only for the financial consequences, but for the damage to your reputation if you breach the new laws. Read more

Hiring tips for soloists and micro business owners

08 Feb 14 | Natasha Hawker

As a soloist or micro business owner you may need to hire new staff as your business grows. Here are my seven tips. Read more

Importing: Know incoterms or pay the price

22 Jan 14 | Dr Tim Nielsen

Incoterms are three-letter codes that set the internationally recognised terms for the interpretation of shipping arrangements. Avoid costly mistakes by understanding them. Read more

All systems go

07 Jan 14 | Jodie McLeod

Handing over the Flying Solo editor baton to Lucinda Lions while I’m on maternity leave has been a painless process. All I can say is – thank goodness for business systems. Read more

Small business growth: Are your systems ready?

17 Oct 13 | Mary Gardam

Creating systems for your business allows you to streamline processes, manage new employees more effectively and, in effect, grow. But are your systems ready for hiring new staff? Read more

Small business systems: getting the best bang for buck

25 Sep 13 | Mary Gardam

Focus on these areas when implementing small business systems and you’re sure to get the best returns on your efforts. Read more

How to make business process documents more engaging

31 Aug 13 | Mary Gardam

“Not another Word document!” Make your instructions more engaging by choosing a format that best suits the purpose, the place and the people. Read more

Business process documents: How to create quality instructions

03 Aug 13 | Mary Gardam

The purpose of instructions is not only to help staff do their job efficiently and accurately, but also to improve business results. Follow these tips to ensure your instructions achieve just that. Read more

Business process documents: Policies, procedures, instructions, oh my!

04 Jul 13 | Mary Gardam

Are you unsure about the difference between a procedure, policy and instruction and when they should be used in your business? You'll be a ‘Wizard of Docs’ by the end of this article. Read more

Beware the ‘man with the gun’ in your business

28 May 13 | Peter Crocker

What if there was someone in your business with the power to bring down the whole shooting match? Chances are there is, and it’s critical to know exactly who has their itchy finger on the trigger. Read more

Why every small business needs a manual

09 May 13 | Mary Gardam

Creating a manual for your business will help to ensure it runs efficiently and at a high standard, even in your absence. Read more

How to create effective business process documents

20 Apr 13 | Mary Gardam

Process documents are an incredibly useful resource for small businesses. Here’s how to ensure your business documents work harder for you. Read more

The ‘best of’ business systems

14 Mar 13 | Mary Gardam

Does the thought of implementing a business system send a shiver down your spine? Then here’s a painless introduction to four key areas that would benefit from business systems. Read more

Copywriting tip: Write about your business process

14 Dec 12 | Lucinda Lions

If you offer a service, you may get more customers by writing about your business process. Find out why writing about your process is so important, and exactly how to do it. Read more

The ultimate media contacts list

02 Jun 12 | Katie McMurray

Beware the borrowed or published media contacts guide. The only media contacts list you should ever rely on is your own. Read more

How smart sourcing can help your bottom line

12 May 12 | Michelle Kvello

Smart sourcing is the big brother of outsourcing: it’s not just about cutting costs; it’s about sourcing the optimum solution for your business, making sure that it stays agile and flexible. Read more

How filling my beanbag can help your business

01 Nov 11 | Sam Leader

When I grow up, I’m getting a proper sofa. In the meantime, I like to lounge on beanbags. Sit back and relax as I draw a surprising business analogy. Read more

Micromanaging: Overcoming your inner micromanager

14 Feb 11 | Madeleine Shaw

If you’ve ever worked for a micromanager, you know how destructive it is. One of the joys of soloism is being free of micromanaging monsters. But are you really? Read more

Writing briefs

03 Jan 11 | Jo Macdermott

Writing briefs to suppliers is part of everyday business for many soloists. Here’s how to do it with class. Read more

Tips to disaster proof your business

09 Nov 10

Are you clear on how your business would operate in the event of a disaster? Greg Pritchard helps you identify areas to pay attention to an advance of a worst case scenario. Read more

NLP: Are your strategies working?

23 Oct 10 | Deborah Keep

Do you ever find yourself doing something in a way that frustrates or irritates you, over and over again? Read more

The importance of business process documents

25 Jun 10 | Karen Morris

As your business grows you may consider obtaining help, whether by outsourcing tasks to free up your time or hiring staff. Either way, are you ready for all that involves, including having business process documents? Read more

Processes and why we need them

24 Dec 09 | Robert Gerrish

If you've ever read small business classic, The E-Myth, you'll be aware that processes and procedures are highly valuable to our enterprises. But you still haven't written any, right? Watch this video and learn how to get started. Read more

Tips to create standard business procedures

07 Oct 09 | Megan Tough

The more soloists can create standard business procedures for what they do, the more efficient, productive and consistent they will be. Activities that can be proceduralised are often low cost and result in big payoffs. Read more

Business procedures manual: The style guide

29 Sep 09 | Heather Smith

We have read about the benefits of documenting the procedures we adhere to in our business. Michael Gerber has made a lot of money telling us we need them and Flying Solo extols the virtues of a business procedures manual, but where to start? Read more

Creating a business procedures manual

29 Aug 09 | Craig Reid

Processes. Love ‘em or loathe them, we can’t live without them. They are part of everything we do. But often we take our business processes for granted until disaster hits or we need to break free from our indispensible role as the boss. Read more

Why we all need more structure and routine

16 Aug 09 | Kate James

One of the challenges for many soloists is having too much freedom. When you work alone, no one notices when you don’t follow a structure or routine, tidy your desk or get your filing done. But productivity can nosedive if you’re not careful. Read more

Five business processes that drive success

26 Jul 09 | Stacey Barr

Business processes are the flows of activities that get things done in your business. Once processes are identified and measured, you can automate, streamline and even redesign them in the best possible ways for your business. Read more

The Big O – Being organised!

25 Jun 09 | Roz Howland

Any improvements you make to your business processes will relate directly to your clientele numbers. Which of course relate directly to your balance sheet. It’s simple: being more organised equals more profit. Read more

How to avoid false and misleading conduct

28 Apr 09 | Michael Terceiro

Here’s a summary of section 53 of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (TPA), which deals with false and misleading representations. Read more

Are your business templates up to date?

09 Apr 09 | Linda Anderson

Like many soloists, I use templates. Mine are for things like invoices, coaching agreements and emails for new clients. Business templates create efficiency; however they also create opportunity for error. Read more

Misleading or deceptive conduct

23 Nov 08 | Michael Terceiro

Did you know that you can fall foul of the law if you engage in misleading or deceptive conduct, or conduct that is likely to mislead or deceive? Read more

The importance of using checklists

03 Nov 08 | Robert Gerrish

It amazes me how many times I come away from a life experience with something valuable to my business. In many cases, the gems are as simple as they are surprising. Here’s one about using checklists that I was reminded of a couple of weeks ago. Read more

Business systems: How they save your sanity!

27 Apr 08 | Sue Hirst

A challenge for any solo business owner is how to get others to help run the business, so that it doesn’t completely take over your life. You can look over everybody’s shoulder all of the time or you can invest in business systems to free yourself. Read more

Benefits of a good work-in-progress system

23 Mar 08 | Sue Hirst

A successfully managed work-in-progress system for your solo business can help you improve profitability, cashflow and customer satisifaction. Read more

Taking stock of your stock management

20 Jan 08 | Sue Hirst

Stock needs to be available for sale when your customer is ready to buy. But because it sucks up cash to have it waiting to be sold, it is good stock management to keep stock on the shelf for the shortest possible time. Read more

Why you should document procedures

28 Nov 07 | Mark Moore

Mastering the art of performing a new business process, such as using a new software program, is something we can be proud of. It is also something we should write down. Here I outline several reasons why it is beneficial to document procedures. Read more

Why you need a business procedures manual

12 Nov 07 | Sam Leader

If you’re ever intending to take extended leave from your work, step sideways into a different role or simply escape one set of tasks to concentrate on another, then read on to find out why you need a business procedures manual. Read more

Successful business strategies: Is faster better?

05 Nov 07 | Robert Gerrish

It seems to me that everywhere I look someone is trying to persuade us to accomplish things more quickly. Doubtless there are successful business strategies and products that can help us be more efficient, but is faster always better? Read more

The importance of setting boundaries

04 Oct 07 | Linda Anderson

Many soloists fall into the trap of saying yes to business that they should really be saying no to. To avoid this happening, you need to understand the importance of setting boundaries in your business. Read more

How social capital is good for business

16 Aug 07 | Zern Liew

When social capital, or generosity, is a foundation of your business strategy, it provides huge benefits. It helps build strong relationships with your community and customers, plus when it comes to PR, it beats expensive advertising. Read more

Australian copyright law: How to protect your work

30 May 06 | Melissa Norfolk

What would you do if you discovered your work had been reproduced without your permission? Here we look at the basics of Australian copyright law, including how to protect your work and what work can't be protected. Read more

Slimy business practices

01 Dec 05 | Paul J. Morris

Many of us engage in certain business practices because, well, that’s what businesses do, even when these business practices leave us feeling creepy and oily. Read more

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