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Productivity tips: The key to getting things done

Although you’ve given up the daily 9-5 grind, chances are you are still conditioned to work a set number of hours each day. You don’t have to.

6 January 2015 by

As a soloist you have the freedom to choose your own working style, and putting in the maximum number of hours per day, every day, isn’t always the best way to get things done. Here are some productivity tips to help.

Thinking hourly doesn’t work

Most people can’t concentrate for more than one or two hours intensively. On top of this, the distractions we all face (especially if we work from home) make it unlikely to have an eight hour block of uninterrupted time to focus on anything.

Generally speaking, the number of hours you spend working on a task doesn’t necessarily correlate with the value of the finished result, or whether it achieves its desired outcome.

Make time for intense periods of focus

Working at full capacity for a few hours is more productive than working for eight hours at 20 percent capacity.

But how do you put aside the time and space to really focus on something when you are surrounded by distractions?

Block out a few hours a day where you are completely alone and undistracted, especially when powering through complex or intensive tasks. This may mean working for a few hours late at night or getting up early in the morning. 

"You have the freedom…putting in the maximum number of hours per day, every day, isn’t always the best way. "

Keep your energy levels high

If you are feeling sluggish and tired you won’t be working at full productivity. It’s important to make time for exercise, eat well and get plenty of sleep.

There’s no one-size-fits-all way to keep your energy levels high, you may have to experiment with a few different methods to find the solution that works best for you. It will pay off in the long term though, not just in terms of your working life!

Focus on a few goals every day

Instead of sitting down with the intention of working for eight hours, try to focus on a few things, and work until you finish them. If you finish early you can reward yourself with a coffee break or a walk. This simple mindset shift can give you an incentive to work faster and more efficiently, and you might get more done.

As soloists we have the freedom and flexibility to create our own working style. Don’t be confined to the 9-5 or fall into the trap of working 10 hours a day, getting very little done.

What are your productivity tips for getting things done?

Jo Macdermott

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