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I rejected a Shark Tank offer – and tripled my business anyway

- February 16, 2021 4 MIN READ

Four years into our business journey, the sharks started circling – and we welcomed it. My co-founder and I were pleased to accept the opportunity to appear on Channel 10’s Shark Tank, the show where potential investors were the sharks and entrepreneurs the meat, writes Matej Varhalik, CEO and co-founder of SpeedFit.

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outsourcing Outsourcing

The benefits of outsourcing for small businesses

- April 30, 2021 3 MIN READ

Outsourcing is a practice of using firms outside of business for handling work performed in the organisation. It is a familiar practice used by many entrepreneurs. Smaller businesses usually outsource their payroll processing, distribution, accounting, and other functions to entities such as PEO services and on many occasions, there are no other alternatives available. Several… Read more »

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