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Podcast: The power of self-talk

- February 18, 2021 < 1 MIN READ

How often have you caught yourself in a stream of ugly thoughts directed at yourself? It usually happens when things aren’t going well but can also strike when things are going well. In this episode, Anne McKeown, an NLP practitioner and empowerment coach for women says learning to change the script in our head has a powerful impact on the way we do business and life in general.

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I rejected a Shark Tank offer – and tripled my business anyway

- February 16, 2021 4 MIN READ

Four years into our business journey, the sharks started circling – and we welcomed it. My co-founder and I were pleased to accept the opportunity to appear on Channel 10’s Shark Tank, the show where potential investors were the sharks and entrepreneurs the meat, writes Matej Varhalik, CEO and co-founder of SpeedFit.

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Confessions of a reformed perfectionist

- April 4, 2021 2 MIN READ

Emma and I are both (semi) reformed perfectionists. And I wanted to muse on that journey a little, as I think for many of us perfectionism is holding us back from so much wonderfulness. So much progress, so much impact, so much momentum.

How many of us have a life filled with things we are ‘going’ to do? I’ll write that book when I have more time. I’ll start exercising in the morning when I am less tired. I’ll get to that business idea once I get some of this other stuff off my plate. Our world is literally filled with the things we are ‘going’ to do. And the sad truth is that for many that is all they will ever be.

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