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  • Productivity

    All you need to know about Google Reviews

    19 January 2021 by

    Reviews are powerful because they help a business stand out in the Google Maps and search results. More than 90% of people value reviews since the majority of them are likely to not trust advertising.

  • Starting

    6 small business owners on whether to launch a new venture in 2021

    18 January 2021 by

    New year, new you, new business...Why put off tomorrow what you can start today? Carpe diem. I love a motivating catchphrase as much as anyone who spends an inordinate amount of time on social media - especially in January! But when it comes to starting a new business in the shadow of COVID, is 2021 really the right time? I asked 6 pioneering Flying Solo members, who’ve maintained successful solo businesses throughout COVID, what they think. 

  • Spotlight

    In the Spotlight: Melissa Gerke

    17 January 2021

    Melissa Gerke is an SEO copywriter who likes to write copy for websites that require technical jargon translated into readable content for their ideal client.

  • Productivity

    Podcast: How to rebuild your confidence after a loss (or several)

    15 January 2021

    Erika Kramer went from not even being able to afford a loaf of bread to making over half a million dollars in 2020 from her business as a confidence coach. The solo business owner also hosts a super popular podcast and written a book ‘Confidence feels like Sh*T” all while raising her two young children. In this episode of the podcast she shares some incredible insights into how overcoming our confidence issues can propel us forward in life, love and work.

  • Marketing

    The ecommerce trends you need to know in 2021

    14 January 2021 by

    Statista expects over 2 billion people worldwide to buy products online in 2021. By 2023 almost a quarter (22 per cent) of all retail sales will be online. So, what does this mean for small business owners?

  • Money

    5 steps to achieving financial wellbeing at work and home

    14 January 2021

    According to studies 46% of workers spend at least three work hours each week thinking about their finances. And poor financial wellness costs Australian businesses $33 billion per annum. And this was before COVID. Here are 5 ways to achieve financial wellbeing at work and home, writes Ryan Watson.


    Using a CRM

    by andrewdrake

    Hi @Paul - FS Concierge Thanks, I actually joined quite some time ago but first post in the forum :) I was wondering how many solo people actually use a CRM…

  • Marketing

    How to use a virtual event to grow your small business quickly

    13 January 2021

    Stories sell, creating a buzz of interest for your product that increases conversion. We all love a well-rounded experience, a look behind the scenes. We like to feel privy to something new and be a part of something bigger. Now we’ve got the tools to do it digitally. You may have created a superior product or service, but it will underdeliver if there is no hype and excitement around it. You need to use a virtual event to get attention from your audience and grow your small business quickly, writes Ashley Wilson.

  • Marketing

    Why it’s important to be more visible in your business in 2021

    13 January 2021 by

    Albert Einstein famously quoted that “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Indeed imagination is a glorious attribute that in its positive form is the fuel of childhood wonderment, human and business creativity. Imagination is defined as the part of the mind that imagines things, forms new ideas, concepts or images of external objects not present to the senses. Its essence sits in inventiveness, initiative and resourcefulness.

  • Productivity

    The top 5 reasons why businesses fail in January

    12 January 2021

    No one has the constitution for more negativity given the year we’ve all had. The best way to keep your business on track in the wake of a global pandemic is to get informed on the risks you face - what your potential threats are. Knowing is half the battle because you can have a plan B at the ready and take extra care not to fall victim to common mistakes. These are the top five reasons businesses fail during the holiday period.

  • Productivity

    Why being in business just to make money isn’t enough anymore

    11 January 2021 by

    COVID-19 has forced a lot of organisations to be much more in tune with their client communities and stakeholders. It moves the focus of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives that many corporations have pursued for some time into a new age of empathy, kindness and understanding. Hooray! This means organisations of all sizes have the opportunity to ponder and then take action around what social license they have to operate in our market. Being in business just to make money is probably not enough anymore.

  • Productivity

    21 ways a Flying Solo membership will grow your small business

    8 January 2021 by

    Thanks to the incredible integrity of its founders, Flying Solo is above all things a community. And my goal for 2021 is to make it bigger. Much bigger. The biggest! But before I can successfully sell you (or anyone) anything I have to be able to answer the question: Why is this worth your time? More accurately: Why is the Flying Solo membership worth your time?

  • Wellbeing

    How to set yourself up to sustain health & wellbeing goals in 2021

    8 January 2021

    After a year like no other, everyone understands the importance of staying fit and healthy in body, mind and spirit. However knowing it is vital doesn't reduce the effort it takes to stay motivated. Here are six simple mindset tweaks that might just make the going easier, writes Marisa Lawlor.


    Business development on my lunch break

    by Rob F.

    Hi folks. I've been noodling with an idea for a business throughout the year gone; running team building activities for corporate customers both face to face and…

  • Marketing

    6 top strategies for Google Page experience optimisation

    7 January 2021 by

    The Google Page Experience update will be launched in May 2021. Webmasters and digital marketers who want to ensure that their site remains unaffected by the negative impacts of the update will have to take some steps to optimise their website.

  • Productivity

    The 4 types of people worth meeting for a coffee

    6 January 2021

    People have become insanely scheduled, obsessed with productivity and always trying to get more, from less. The beauty of the coffee date is that it is the antidote to all of that, a small block of time to sit, breath, and chat. It’s a place that magic happens, even more so if you don’t try and predetermine what that magic actually is.

  • Productivity

    How to hire reliable freelancers remotely

    22 December 2020

    Most employers have come to their senses and have noticed the benefit of hiring freelancers. The advantages of hiring freelancers are you do not require a physical office, you do not need to pay them a fixed salary whether you make them work or not and you can end the contract with them when the project is done. Freelancers compete for gigs, so the talent pool is stronger along with them being more productive.

  • Marketing

    Why local SEO is so important

    18 December 2020

    We think globally, but we live locally. The places and the people near us are important. And that’s why if you have a business that people physically come to or which provides a service to the local community, you need to get to grips with local SEO. Examples of businesses that benefit from local SEO are shops, restaurants, plumbing and electrical contractors, hair and beauty salons, tradespeople and legal and medical practices.

  • Marketing

    The top LinkedIn updates for 2020

    18 December 2020 by

    It’s been a big year of changes on LinkedIn. Seemed like every second week a new update or feature magically appeared on our screens. Or something was moved around such as the configuration of the Privacy & Settings fields.

  • Productivity

    Podcast: 6 easy ways to digitise your small business processes

    18 December 2020

    It can be easy for small business owners to "do what we've always done" because we think we're saving time… but that's not such a great thing when it comes to managing our data, says Anthony Sapountzis, co-founder of Aeiron Technologies.

  • Marketing

    10 mistakes to avoid in a business plan presentation

    16 December 2020

    I’m going to tell you the truth. No matter how amazing your idea is, a poorly executed business plan will make securing funding a hassle. Your plan needs to sell your business to investors and convince them they’ll get a return on their investment - sooner rather than later.

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