Coachee application for Friday Live

Flying Solo Business Class Members are invited to submit the following application by copying and pasting the text below, adding responses and emailing to [email protected]:

1. Request a time

My first and second choice times for the next available Friday Live session are:
9am   |   10am   |   11am   |   3pm

  • All times are Australian Eastern (Robert is based in Sydney)
  • Sessions always start at the top of the hour and run for a max of 45 mins
  • Sessions are on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Only the times shown are available and sessions are always on a Friday

2. Let us have your Skype name

Once your session time is confirmed and early on the morning of the session, Robert will send you a Skype ?contact request?.

  • My Skype name is:

3. Complete your prep form

In order to get the most out of your Friday Live session, we need to know where you?d like to focus. While responses should be clear and concise they should also be thorough. As a guide, for the first two questions you should aim for a minimum of 50 words, maximum 150 words per question:

  • Q. What are you putting up with, that you’re unwilling to put up with any longer? (50-150 words)
  • Q. Where do you see the biggest opportunity for evolution or revolution within your business? (50-150 words)
  • Q. What would you like to leave the session with, to feel it was of value?

That’s it!

Please send your completed application to [email protected] and thank you for being a Business Class Member of Flying Solo!

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