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How chatbots can improve your post-purchase customer experience

- September 1, 2021 3 MIN READ
chatbots can help you improve your Customer service

Chatbots have formally become the new conversational and customer support agents in 2021. The average satisfaction rate of chatbot-only chats is 87.58% – higher than that of human interactions. 

While chatbots are a great tool to assist users with purchasing, they can go a long way in enhancing the post-purchase customer experience. 

Here’s how you can enhance post-purchase CX using AI-enabled chatbots.

Chatbots can instantly resolve basic problems

What if a customer makes a purchase but doesn’t receive a confirmation email? It could create a panic situation for customers, especially if the product they have purchased is expensive. In most cases, customers would rush for their mobile phone and dial the customer care number to clarify the issue with the support agent. But most small businesses don’t have dedicated support teams.

Chatbots can make this process faster and more effective. Customers who face common problems can enter their queries in the chat, and the chatbot can pull up FAQs answering those questions. In case the customer doesn’t find an answer, the chatbot can escalate the conversation to a live chat representative, thereby ensuring a seamless post-purchase experience for the customer. 

Offer customer service

Customer service has become the primary application of chatbots. In fact, 95% of customers consider customer service to be the major beneficiary of chatbots. Customers running into problems after buying a product is common. However, calling customer service, waiting in the queue for minutes, and verbally explaining the entire issue to the agent can be exhausting. 

Chatbots make customers’ lives easier. AI-enabled chatbots can replace tier-1 customer support agents as they are capable of answering basic customer questions and performing straightforward tasks like sending emails, raising issues, writing content, etc. 

This has two benefits. First, of course, it helps improve customer experience, as customers can resolve their queries instantly. Second, it enables SMBs to save money on customer support and utilise it for more important tasks. 

Gain and analyse feedback using sentiment analysis

Small business owners can face a hard time collecting customer feedback. AI-based chatbots come with sentiment analysis functionality that helps you gather customer feedback easily. 

With sentiment analysis, chatbots can recognise customers who are upset from the start of a conversation. Based on the customer’s emotions, chatbots can change their responses to better engage them. Hence, chatbots can create personalised experiences for customers and improve the overall experience.

Furthermore, chatbots can categorise customers based on their behaviour and emotions (unhappy, neutral, happy) and record overall customer satisfaction.

QR codes can facilitate the feedback collection process. You can create a QR code using a QR Code Generator and put it up on your product packaging. Link the QR code to a live chatbot. Customers can scan the code and connect with the chatbot to share their feedback. 

Chatbot are available 24/7 

Customers expect to receive quality customer service instantaneously, regardless of the day and time. However, offering customer support is expensive, and the cost of providing customer support can pile up to $259,955 per year, which is a substantial figure.

Many SMBs can’t afford around-the-clock support, which can adversely affect the post-purchase customer experience. 

Chatbots resolve this hurdle. They’re a cost-effective alternative to tier-1 support agents. They can solve the basic queries of your customers 24/7, which translates to a good customer experience. And in addition to enhancing the CX, chatbots help you dramatically reduce customer support expenses. 

Escalate queries to live agents

Chatbots can do a great job in most cases, but there will be customers who want to talk to a live agent. Chatbots make this easier as well. They can give customers an option to contact a live agent in case their queries haven’t been answered. 

With a single click, customers can raise a request and get connected to a live agent. This flexibility and ease of use not only enhance the customer experience but also makes the agent’s life easier. 

Wrapping up

What’s more, chatbots are easy to implement. Nowadays, most small businesses have an online presence either on social media or in the form of a website. You can integrate AI chatbots to all these platforms and offer omnichannel customer service on the channels your customers readily use. 

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