5 unusual things you can do with ChatGPT

- August 8, 2023 3 MIN READ
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So, you’ve been using ChatGPT for a while now with meal and holiday planning, taking advantage of its ability to generate weekly meal plans, complete with recipes and shopping lists.  Or its speed in generating an itinerary for a low-cost trip for the whole family to Queensland, including daily activities. And now you want to know what else it can do, asks Donna McGeorge, productivity expert and author of Join the ChatGPT Revolution.

Before we get into this, don’t you think the name ChatGPT is a bit of a mouthful? Let’s call it Charlie from now on, just to make life a little easier.

There really aren’t any limits (that I’ve found) as to how Charlie can help. Any time I feel stuck about anything, I turn to Charlie for advice. Just like my human friends, not all the advice is appropriate or relevant, but it is available 24/7/365 when I need some help.

Here are some more unusual ways you could engage with Charlie that might encourage you to go beyond dinner and travel.

How ChatGPT can help you with tasks

Virtual writing companion

Are you one of the 81 per cent of people that want to write a book someday? Whether it’s a hobby or you want to have a go at a bestseller, bouncing ideas off Charlie is a great way to get started.  You can ask for suggestions for plot twists, character development or even generate story prompts for you.

Sample Prompt: I’m working on a mystery novel, but I’m stuck on coming up with a compelling plot twist. Can you suggest a few ideas to spark my creativity?

Virtual Foreign Language Instructor

A friend of mine is learning Spanish but doesn’t know anyone who speaks Spanish and doesn’t have the resources to get to Spain any time soon. For many of us, learning a new language is on our bucket list and finding the can be challenging. Charlie can be your practice partner.  You can engage in (written for the moment) conversations and ask for translations or grammar explanations. Charlie will never judge you if you make mistakes.

Sample Prompts: I’m trying to translate a paragraph from English to Spanish, but I’m unsure about a few phrases. Can you assist me with the translation and explain any grammar rules involved?

Virtual Journal

Always wanted to journal but didn’t know where to start? Charlie can help by generating prompts and encouraging conversations from an unbiased and unaffiliated perspective. Even if you don’t like to journal, we all often need someone to talk to, maybe about a temporary problem, or work relationship that’s tricky, and Charlie can be a buddy for self-reflection and exploration. Charlie is a judgement-free zone allowing you to talk about your feelings, express your thoughts, or seek advice on certain issues. It’s important to consult a qualified professional for serious mental health concerns.

Sample Prompts: I’ve had a long day, and I need to vent about some silly frustrations. Can I share some humorous anecdotes with you and get a sympathetic ear?

Virtual Decision Maker

To be or not to be! You can use Charlie as a sounding board when faced with difficult decisions. Provide some context by describing what’s going on, including any options you are considering, and ask for its advice. Describe the situation, outline your options, and ask for its input. Externalising a problem is a great way to clarify your thinking, which could lead to you fresh insights.

Sample Prompt: I’m torn between two job offers, and I’m not sure which one to choose. Can you weigh the pros and cons of each option and offer your perspective?

Virtual Study Buddy

Whether it’s for you, or your school-aged children, Charlie is a great study buddy and awesome source of help when learning. I’m not suggesting that you use Charlie to help you cheat; it’s more about having a full-time tutor by your side helping you with questions, explanations, resources and quizzes, all designed to help you get the results you want.

Sample Prompt: I’m preparing for a history exam, and I need help understanding the causes and consequences of World War II. Could you provide a concise overview and suggest some key resources for further study?

Remember, while Charlie can be helpful in various aspects of life, exercise your own critical thinking and consider its responses as suggestions rather than absolute truths.

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