Four helpful ways a CRM system can help your business grow

- April 21, 2022 3 MIN READ
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Any business smart enough to have an online presence needs to invest in CRM, or Customer Relationship Management software, writes digital growth expert, Nick Brogden.

Any small business will want to boost its return on interest and sales, while also wanting to enhance customer relations and its internal operations.

But not all CRM software is made to meet the same outstanding standards. Those that make the cut should be your all-in-one go-to tool that can streamline your priorities and track sales and customer interactions.

An excellent all-around CRM should, at the very least, help you scale your operations and bring in more customers.

How to choose a CRM for your business

A good Customer Relationship Management software lets you view the customer from all angles to identify where to most intelligently and efficiently concentrate your resources.

If you’re looking for one that suits you and your small business, it’s best to go back to the basics. Choose a CRM software with a user-friendly platform that’s easy to use and even easier to understand.

A CRM with a low learning curve and basic features is best for you if you’re starting. However, you should ensure you have the option to expand as your business grows.

The benefits of CRM software

CRM software helps your business streamline and organise your business operations to grow your customer base and peace of mind.

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Here are four great benefits to adopting a Customer Relationship Management tool for your business:

1. Get real-time reports

CRM software with a sales feature offers real-time updates of your sales pipeline. You’ll be able to concentrate on improving particular aspects of your process, and discern your next move with reports on trends and your sales activity.

These reports can include everything from customer behaviour to team performance, to get a tangible sense of your overall investment return or ROI.

2. Manage your contacts

Gathering your contacts is one thing, but organising them is an entirely different story. With a CRM system in place, you can streamline all of your contacts into one centralised platform.

It means you can track your customers’ and prospects’ activities on your website and respond to them in a relevant and timely manner.

But the contact management aspect of any CRM is not limited to customers – it can also include your suppliers and collaborators. With a CRM, you can collect and combine your multichannel contact information, including social media, email and newsletter lists, LinkedIn, and more.

A worthy CRM will automatically add contacts into your database and aggregate them into the proper channels.

3. Save time on communications and tasks

Automate repetitive and time-consuming administrative tasks, like data entry and updating members, with the best CRM software for your small business.

With a singular platform that is visible to all of your members (unless grouped otherwise), you can manage all of your communications; whether direct messages, emails, documents, or other comms.

Plus, a CRM will help you manage your communications with your customers across different channels so you can view, archive, and reply to their messages in the best and fastest way possible.

4. Focus on the important aspects of your business

Instead of fretting about deadlines and searching for the proper email thread, you can finally aim your attention at building relationships and calibrating your operations for any possible improvements in your small business.

CRM software will take care of numerous tasks that typically remove precious time from your day, and track important activities like sales and team or individual performance.

There is a plethora of CRM software for small businesses out in the market. Some are even free to use for their most essential features – these can be appropriate for small teams who want to get the ball rolling.

Finding the right one for you is as easy as a quick Google search. Of course, search for one that fits the bill for your business process and goals.

What makes most good CRM platforms worth investing in is that they can scale along with your business as it grows, with a plan upgrade or a specific add-on you may need later on.

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