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Can’t afford developer costs? Try a no-code website builder!

- June 16, 2022 5 MIN READ
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So, you’re ready to jump online and set up a website for your business, but feeling a bit overwhelmed at the choices available – and also, not really very tech-savvy? Never fear, no-code website builders are here to save the day, and they’re better than they’ve ever been, writes digital growth expert, Nick Brogden.

Every business owner already knows the importance of an online presence. Building a website from scratch can require at least front-end coding such as HTML and CSS skills, and a decent eye for graphic design.

And if you don’t already possess this skill set, employing a team to create a website for you can be expensive. Plus, the ongoing developer costs can really stack up for ongoing changes – and I find the worst part is briefing and waiting for them to do the work, which can slow you down.

I always recommend looking for no-code options. Yes, no-code website builders are a thing, and they are not only good, they’re taking over the industry.

Five great no-code website builders to try for your business

I’ve worked with all the ones I’ve listed below and have found both positives and negatives with all of them, but one thing is true for all of them, they can all be optimised to rank on Google – so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

The platforms are all web-based and use drag-and-drop features in creating a fully functional website. Some are free to use and try out, but will require a minimal fee for publishing your site online.

Here are a few no-code website builders to help you build your dream website today.

1. Duda

Duda website builder logo

Duda lets you create websites without the fuss. It caters primarily to designers and creators looking to maximise their creativity. Duda features an easy-to-use yet powerful website builder that can create multiple sites.

Duda is perfect if you want a simple website builder to understand and use, but includes specific features such as advanced metrics that show time on page and bounce rate, mobile site customisation, user personalisation, and the like.

Duda is one of the rare website builders that lets you create numerous multilingual websites. Its website personalisation tools can feature fully customised content to visitors of your site, depending on the time and location of their access to your site. Duda’s prices start at $19/month for its basic plan.

2. Shopify

shopify app

Shopify has become one of the favourite platforms of online businesses, particularly for its eCommerce-specific features. Shopify offers a multitude of free templates and over 70 premium ones, fit for any type of business or niche. Ready-made templates of entire pages and domains are featured in different styles for a variety of industries including food and drink, jewellery, home and garden, just to name a few.

What makes Shopify stand out as a no-code website builder for eCommerce is its plethora of sales features. It offers thousands of in-store apps to help every aspect of your business, from increasing its online presence to streamlining the sales process. Many of them are free to use and work, like website extensions, while some special apps need to be bought.

Its multichannel selling feature is convenient for selling your products and services on other platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. This is perfect for any business looking to grow their target market and get discovered in various channels.

While Shopify is not free, it does offer a free trial and affordable plans which all feature an abandoned cart recovery built-in, and management tools for your eCommerce website.

3. Squarespace

squarespace website builder logo

Squarespace lets you build a website in no time with its simple drag-and-drop user interface. The homepage of Squarespace leads you directly to its website builder, which lets you create and edit instantly, free of any charge. You only pay once you’re ready for your website to be published.

What’s impressive about Squarespace is that it offers ready-made templates, directed at your brand, by first asking a series of questions. So if you’re a business owner who’s lost in the design process, Squarespace helps narrow down your options while providing some eye candy.

Squarespace features ‘content blocks’ which you move around to create the sections of your website. These include text, images, buttons, lists, search, cards, charts, RSS, audio, and SoundCloud. It also offers specific pre-built sections, including tour dates, appointments, reservations, music, pricing, and donations.

Squarespace costs $19/month for a personal account and $33/month for a business account that already includes a custom domain for your site.

4. Wix

wix website builder logo

Wix is a website builder that forgoes all the technicalities in building an actual website, so you can focus on getting creative. Browse through hundreds of beautifully designed templates that are free to use and edit.

Wix’s App Market lets you add features to your websites such as newsletter subscriptions, events calendars, etc.

Wix includes its series of tools for business and marketing, called Ascend by Wix. It comes with its very own CRM, email marketing, video editor, invoice maker and automation, to name a few.

Super newbies can use Wix ADI, its website builder assistant that guides you through the process. Wix offers its lowest-priced plan at $15/month.

5. Zyro

zyro website builder logo

Zyro makes it easy for any business owner to create a website from scratch with its simple drag-and-drop interface. No coding and no technical skills are needed, with Zyro’s features just a click away. Even tech beginners find it easy to understand with a shallow learning curve.

Another advantage that newbies have with Zyro is the numerous ready-made templates you can utilise for your website. These minimalist templates give your site a trendy, polished and organised look.

However, you can always opt for a blank slate to start from scratch. Zyro also offers themes for your website, whether you’re looking to create an online store or a blog.

What’s most impressive is Zyro’s AI technology that lets you input your keywords, and it draws up customised themes and templates to coordinate your branding. Zyro’s basic plan starts at just $12.49/month.

No excuses!

With the availability of website builder apps and so many awesome tools online, with many offering free basic plans, there’s no excuse for your business to have no online presence.

Creating an eye-catching and engaging website is as easy as dragging and dropping elements within a template. Besides, it’s hard not to admit that tapping into your imagination when building your website is also fun, when you’re not worrying about the backend.

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