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I taught myself how to build websites and now I make six figures from home

- September 28, 2023 2 MIN READ

Web design mentor Emma Kate Barker is helping designers all over the world experience creative and financial freedom, by harnessing the power of website creation.

Emma Kate started her graphic design journey in her early twenties, working on logos and small projects here and there.

But in a saturated market, she needed to pivot. That’s when she discovered website development.

Once she taught herself how to create websites from beginning to end, she doubled her income almost overnight and set herself up to have recurring revenue.

“I was making $150,000 a year and had more work than I knew what to do with. I honestly could have made more. It was the best business decision I ever made,” Emma Kate said.

“I realised I was a designer, building websites for other designers, who didn’t know how to do this. I thought someone needed to teach them… and I could do that!”

Identifying this gap in the market, Emma Kate developed a simple e-course for designers, teaching her students everything they need to know about navigating WordPress.

Emma Kate works on a design

Emma Kate works on a design.

Her course is helping many women and busy Mums enjoy rewarding careers in website design while working from home and spending time with their families.

“One of my students was turning clients away because she didn’t know how to use WordPress. She went from charging $1-2,000 to $15,000 for a single website project, and now has a much better work/life balance,” Emma Kate said.

“Some of my students live in South Africa where the dollar is really low, but they’re not limited to working with clients in their own country. They can work with clients in the United States and actually have the opportunity to earn a decent income. It gives me goosebumps to think about that.”

As for Emma Kate, her mentor business is booming, at the start of her career she was earning around $40,000 a year, and now she turns over $250,000 annually by teaching others how to design and build websites.

“A career in web design is game-changing and can fit in with your life, whatever your life looks like, and you’re helping your clients achieve their goals as well so it’s a win/win.”

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