How are you keeping YOU accountable?

What did you promise yourself at the start of the soloist journey; how are you keeping this in check as your business grows?


After years of providing admin support in the corporate world, Korryn Haines promised herself that once flying solo as a Virtual Assistant, she’d be a leader; the person with the skills, who could also call the shots. But the promises we make to ourselves can often be the hardest to keep.

As Korryn told me in this week’s Community profile

“I’ve always seen myself as the support person, not the person running the show. Even though I’m doing very well I still find myself reverting to old behaviours and habits…I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not an employee anymore.”

Watching a young Steve McQueen escape the slimy clutches of The Blob reminded Kate Toon of her business’ ferocious appetite for precious personal time. This isn’t a scenario she foresaw.

"The promises we make to ourselves can often be the hardest to keep. "

Kate tells us “It’s slowly consuming my time, my sanity and my life. What started as a two-short-days-a-week job has turned into a 50+ hours a week obsession… But I’m fighting back … I’m setting business boundaries.”

What really motivated your move to soloism; has it been hard to stay true to this as your business grows? Share in the comments.

Other soloists may simply have vowed to escape the often absurd constraints of corporate life, as so perfectly captured by Amanda Vanelderen.

Her list of 21 ways to mimic the seemingly innocuous office environment at home will make a great printout for the fridge on bad days. With special mention to #2: “Remove all forks from your kitchen. Eating your steak with a spoon takes you right back to the staff lunchroom.”

New and renewing premium members

A big welcome to the newest members of the Flying Solo community; Jacq Hackett Consulting, LunaMarga – Healing and Wellness and M2M Risk & Insurance Pty Ltd.

And we’re delighted to have KDD Conveyancing Services, myTimeyourTime, Flourishing Minds Consulting, Marc Cowper, Sherene Strahan, Strive To Thrive and Sugarloaf Soap renewing for another year.

Tips, tricks & words of wisdom from Flying Solo community

Stuck on social media? @Matt523 kicked off this great forum thread;  special mention to members @Tom ISW and @jessesommer for their input.

Simplifying business language is key to this terrific post from Maria Pantalone. Her key tip: Always ask yourself: Can the document be written using clear language that is easily understood?

Plus, a wisdom of the week via an old favourite, Kelly Exeters Busy yet broke: Why don’t I have any money?’

“Shorten payment terms from 30 days to 7 days. Can you walk out of a restaurant without paying for your meal? No? Then it’s not reasonable to hand over artwork or a printed flyer to a client and then wait 30 days for payment.”

Got a story, tip, trick or wisdom to share with us? We’d love to hear from you. Share in the comments.

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