Why it pays to be personal

All kinds of wonderful things happen to relationships when we reveal more of our real selves.


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It doesn’t have to be a complicated exchange; for instance a face-to-face meeting instead of a phone call, or a handwritten note instead of an email.

Simple gestures that require a modicum of effort yet go a long way.

“Invite people into your world,” writes Vanessa Emilio in her column on marketing on a budget. “Everyone loves to see how another business works, meet the owners and experience a more personal effect.”

Soloist Life

Don’t expect a phone call from contributor Tom Valcanis, but here’s why he’ll happily write you a letter:

"Simple, human gestures that require a modicum of effort go a long way. "

“The only correction for incorrect speech is more talking… Writing feels liberating for introverted people because we can perfect it. If you feel trepidation speaking, turn your inner-talk into outer writing.”

Tea, anyone?

Speaking of language, this curious item from the English vernacular caught the imagination of our Facebook community last week.

New and renewing members…

This week’s new members are Platinum Furniture Removals, Paul Kay and Accolade Accounting while NewportNet and iGift Fruit Hampers are renewing for another year. It’s so lovely to have you all as part of the community!


Tailor your bonuses to keep existing customers in your corner, advises columnist Jo Macdermott. “Rather than one offer for everyone… you appeal to varied tastes and your customers appreciate the opportunity to select the bonus that best appeals to them.”

From the forums

Member @Farce’s new Instagram account promoting his delicious charcuterie business instantly rewarded him with new customers. Does Instagram play a role in your business; how much success have you had? I’d love to hear in the comments.


Over and above the quest for cool, new ideas, Amantha Imber says innovation is about better understanding the challenges our customers face. In this week’s podcast she tells Robert how soloists can get the ball rolling.


“You can quicker get back a million dollars that was stolen than a word that you gave away.” – Arthur Miller

Via contributor, Matthew White.

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