The surprising secret to making money fast in your small business

Time is one thing that’s not on your side when you’re building a small business. When you’re handling all aspects of the admin and technology as well as finding energy to maintain your passion and enthusiasm - many solopreneurs find it easy to burn the candle at both ends. But this mentality will wear you out and most importantly, slow down your success.

Chandra Gore and Georgie-Ann Getton-McKoy are two small business owners who told Flying Solo that outsourcing key tasks to Fiverr.com freelancers has helped them grow their businesses and meet their financial goals with less time and less stress. 

Georgie-Ann started her boutique consulting agency GSD back in 2018, with a decade of experience as an entrepreneur behind her.  GSD specialises in business development and branding and virtual event production and Georgie-Ann loves how much joy her services bring her customers. 

The best thing about getting a new business off the ground is seeing customers impacted by your products/services.  Hearing the joy in their voice and knowing how you positively impacted their lives,” she told Flying Solo. 

Georgie-Ann uses Fiverr.com freelancers to free up her time and boost productivity:

“I have hired SEO experts, Copy editors, designers, and general Virtual assistants,” she said. 

She also uses the time saved to find new clients for GSD. 

“Fiverr is a great place to start with building your business and then also a great place to grow with outsourcing some of the tasks that you may need to complete for clients. “

Chandra Gore started her consulting and public relations firm two days after she was laid off from her job back in 2015. Two years later she also started a production and comedy festival.

“The best thing about getting my business off the ground was the feeling of accomplishment it gave me.  It was exhilarating and an amazing experience to finally start something new. I had had a business before but this one was different.”

Chandra turned to Fiverr.com when she realized how challenging it was becoming to delegate tasks to other people. She told Flying Solo: “Overcoming the anxiety that something wouldn’t get done was the biggest challenge for me.” 

Chandra regularly uses Fiverr.com to source freelancers for logos, illustrations, marketing materials and video editing.

“Having Fiverr has been a lifesaver. I am able to get promotional items created along with tasks such as video editing completed in record time. Each service assisted me in growing my business.  I’d recommend Fiverr to other small businesses owners because it can greatly improve how you can run your business efficiently. It will assist with scaling and creating a foundation for growth and increase your productivity.”

As Chandra and Georgie’s experiences show it’s very easy for solo business owners to get stuck in the “I’ll do it all myself” mentality.  So if you’re in the beginning stages of building a business then factor in some time to think about where and what tasks you can outsource to streamline your time and ensure you’re putting your best energy where it belongs. 

Fiverr.com’s competitive, bespoke pricing structure means you can find the service and expert you need at a price that fits your small business budget. 

Sign up to Fiverr.com today – it’s simple and 100% free! 



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