Flying Solo Article Formatting

It may seem ‘nitpicky’ but it’s very important that articles are submitted to us in our specific article formatting. It frees our editor up to spend her time making your article sparkle as opposed to getting everything in the right format.

With this in mind, please download the Flying Solo article template hereFor context, you can view where each of the ‘bits’ below appear on our site in a visual format here.)

Each article needs to be submitted with the following information filled in, in the order specified below. Please read through the below carefully to ensure you are submitting each section correctly.


This is the category your article will appear in on our site. You can easily view all our categories via our site menu. Pick the category that you think best fits (it’s not crucial to get it ‘right’ – if we think there is one that it fits better, we will amend).


This is the article headline. This must make a promise to the reader that draws them to read the article (and then the article should deliver on that headline). In the perfect world the headline will be no more than 45 characters in length.


Your name 🙂

<Pull quote>

This is a part of your article we will highlight in a ‘pull out’ format on the main article page. This is usually the ‘best line’ in the article or something that is a ‘BOOM!’ or highly quotable line.


This bit sits on our home page underneath the headline and acts as extra enticement to get people to read the article. It should give an idea of what your article is about and lead naturally into the main body of the article. The optimum length of a teaser is about 160 characters with spaces, or around 25 to 30 words.


This is your article 🙂


Quick check: have you formatted your article using our document template?

Yes? Now it’s time to submit it.

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