Contributors’ agreement

You have been directed to read this document because we’re on the verge of publishing your article on Flying Solo. How exciting!

Contributors are a key part of Flying Solo’s mission to create a valuable community for Australia’s lifestyle business owners. We account for around 75 per cent of the 1.8m+ small businesses in the country.

Together, we will help our ever-growing community to truly love their work. Please read the following agreement carefully and email me with any questions.

We look forward to working with you.

Love your work!

The Flying Solo team

1. Establishing expectations

Aside from the satisfaction of exploring concepts and ideas through your writing, the main benefit you will derive from your role as a Flying Solo contributor is a boost to your personal profile. Clearly this can have very positive implications on the flow of new opportunities and word-of-mouth referrals and we hope you enjoy both.

Our experience proves profile raising through article writing is unquestionably a great means of reinforcing expertise. However, we ask that you temper expectations to avoid disappointment, as a raise in profile does not necessarily translate to a frenzy of emails, phone calls and new business.

In a world full of people purporting to be experts we should expect our readers to be cautious. They will watch you, read you, post comments and very likely challenge you before they consider doing business with you. Be assured, though, that every time one of your articles is published, someone is moving that little bit closer.

To reap the fruits of this exposure you’ll need to balance your writing skills with consistency and patience.

2. Legalese


You retain full copyright for your work – what you do with it outside of Flying Solo is your choice entirely. If one of your articles is to appear elsewhere at your instigation, a link to Flying Solo is encouraged, but not required. Suggested wording for such a link is:

This article first appeared at Flying Solo, Australia’s home for lifestyle businesses.


Our policy is to make your articles available to other online or traditional publishers free of charge.

Usually articles are provided ‘as is’ for republishing in return for author acknowledgment and backlinks to Flying Solo (not necessarily to the author’s profile page). In some cases, the articles require edits to internationalise language (or should that be internationalize?) for their global audience. In these cases, we have made the edits and may have levied a nominal fee for doing so. Of course, the individual author acknowledgement and links are retained, along with the associated benefits for your personal brand.

In some cases, publishers ask for author profile pics to accompany articles and in these cases we will supply your Flying Solo profile pic.

Using your articles in other Flying Solo publications

Aside from appearing online with Flying Solo your work may be included – with full acknowledgement – in an occasional, printed or ebook compendium prepared by us.


When you refer to another author’s work, please ensure they are credited along with appropriate publication titles and hyperlinks.


We have a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism. We will carry out checks on articles at random and investigate any accusations brought to our attention. We reserve the right to remove the profile and articles of contributors who have plagiarised the work of others.

Affiliate links

Editorial pieces must not be monetised by contributors in any shape or form. For example, we don’t accept articles where you have been paid/rewarded to promote a client or product, or have included affiliate links.

3. Procedures


We reserve the right to make edits to your articles and unless the changes are drastic, will do so without consultation. Principal aims of editing are to optimise for search engine ranking purposes, fix up typos, sharpen phrases (including headlines) or delete/amend unnecessary or excessive text.

We do not expect the articles we receive will require a lot of editing and reserve the right to return them to you if they are not, in our opinion, ready to publish.

If you are displeased with how any of your articles appear on Flying Solo, you may request that we fix it up or remove it. We then have the choice to fix up or remove.

Search Engine Optimising

As part of the editing process, all articles are run through a checklist to ensure they are search-engine friendly. Basically, this requires making articles – headlines, teasers and opening paragraphs as literal as possible, so they more clearly explain what’s in the article.

Publishing articles

We publish new articles every Tuesday through Thursday. On occasion we will also publish articles on the weekend. Advertorials are published on Mondays.

You will be able to tell when your article has been published by reading our Tuesday newsletter or by hopping onto the site. The week after your article is published, a short teaser along with your name will appear in the newsletter.

Your article will also be promoted via our social media networks on the day of its publication. It is well worth checking ourFacebook page on your article’s publication day as commentary you may wish to respond to is often received there as well as on the Flying Solo website.

Removing articles

If you no longer wish to have your articles residing on Flying Solo you may request they be removed and we will action this within seven days.

Occasionally, we may choose to remove articles and/or Contributor Profiles from our site. In such instances we will give you prior advice and explanation.


Flying Solo members are invited to have their say on articles and comments do not pass through a moderator prior to publication, although all comments are checked on a daily basis. We remove any that:

  • are clearly spam
  • are abusive or
  • overly self-promotional.

Posts with swear words are automatically recognised and rejected.

If you notice any odd comments hanging around, please get in touch with us here.

5. Featured contributors

We currently have a team of 10 monthly columnists. Their articles appear on Tuesdays and are the lead story in our Tuesday email to our 30,000 subscribers. On occasion a monthly columnist decides to step aside. When this happens, they are replaced by another contributor who has shown the ability to consistently contribute, and produce the kind of articles that really resonate with our readers.

Columnists are appointed at the Editor’s absolute discretion.

6. Your profile page

Every contributor whose work is published on Flying Solo is required to create a short promo to accompany their article, a more detailed contributor profile and a square head-and-shoulders jpeg image of themselves to accompany the profile.

We request that you write both the short promo and the contributor profile in the third person.


Please include relevant keywords relating to your position and expertise in the Occupation, Summary and Short Promo fields so that we can maximise SEO of your profile.

Short promo

This is the text that runs under each of your articles. We ask you keep this to 35 words or less. You are free to mention your business name in your short promo, which we will link to your website to help drive traffic directly from your article to your own website. Your name in your short promo will link to your contributor profile.

Short promo example:
Lucinda Lions writes catchy and creative business slogans that attract customers and help to boost your leads and sales. She is the owner and chief sloganeer at Slogan Creator. The slogan for Slogan Creator is: Slogans that sell. 

Contributor profile

Details requested are:

  • Name
  • Town/city and state
  • Occupation
  • Web address
  • Frequency of articles
  • Summary – approx 130 words
  • Favourite inspirational quote
  • An image of you. A professionally shot, head-and-shoulders photo is required. By default, we will use the image you have supplied in your members listing, so please ensure that it is up to date and high quality, as it will potentially be used in our newsletter.

You will be directed to the form for capturing your short promo and contributor profile shortly.

7. What happens next?

Thanks for taking the time to read this far. Provided you are happy with the content of this Contributors’ Agreement, we will publish your first article on the date specified in our email to you.

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