Don’t spend another year being “busy”

One Focus.

One Outcome.

Every day!

That’s how you achieve your goals.

As we begin a new year, and a new decade, it is the perfect time to reflect for a moment on what you achieved in the last year, but also in the last decade.

You may at this point be choosing to beat yourself up for all the things you haven’t done, or you may be celebrating your achievements, and ambitiously pursuing your goals for the next decade.

At this point, it really doesn’t matter which boat you are in, what matters is what you decide to do next. It is super easy to get caught up in being busy, and if you are in the beating yourself up for your lack of achievements boat, you will no doubt be over qualified at being busy, my challenge to you is to get over qualified at getting one outcome, every day.

If you can do this, your January 2021 reflection will be celebrating your achievements, and at the end of this decade, your mind will be blown by what you have achieved.

I have been coached by a number of coaches over the years, and all have a slightly different spin on how you get the best results. From this coaching, and from being a coach for a number of years, the best results I have seen my clients achieve are when they focus on the steps required to achieve their goal, rather than the goal itself, and they focus on getting one outcome, every day. This isn’t another article about hustling with every breath you take, it’s about taking focussed action on a consistent basis towards achieving your goal.

Let’s use the example of preparing for an event, say a marathon, that’s the goal.

First you need to work out all the steps required in order to achieve that goal and have check-in points to measure how you are going, and whether or not you are on track. 

For the purpose of this exercise, you have 12 weeks to prepare for your race, and if this is your first marathon, ideally you want to be able to run up to 30kms one week before race day.

The best way to actually get results is to take the pressure off yourself in focusing on the bigger goal. A marathon being 42.2kms is a long way, and can be both overwhelming and disconcerting in week one, yet thinking and training for 5kms is achievable, because that is all you need to do in week one. 

Week 1 could be running 5 kms, week 2 is 7kms, week 3 is 10kms, and so on. Day 1 of your first week might be a mix of walking and running 2kms, day 2 is strength training, Day 3 slow run 3kms, day 4, rest, (sorry to stop there for those wanting a marathon training plan!)

I am not writing this to provide a plan for your first marathon, rather it was about having you focus on the steps, and as long as you complete each of the steps, every day, you will then achieve your goal.

There will be coaches who tell you that you need to enjoy the process and forget about the goal. I am not in that camp. Don’t get me wrong, it is so much easier if you enjoy the steps or the process, but there is no need to. Your excitement and sense of achievement will come from achieving your goal at the end, and of course the sense of achievement that comes with it, meaning that sometimes it is a matter of doing what needs to be done each week, and each day, and if you can keep doing that, your goal is assumed to be achieved, and that’s it. 

As it is for running, or whatever it is for you, some weeks will be fun, and some will be hard, but the aim is to keep completing the steps every day, and then you will achieve your goals.

While this is a 12 week example, January is a great time to focus on the year ahead, and what you need to achieve each month, each week, and each day, in order to achieve your goal.  

Don’t spend another year getting caught up in being busy, instead, focus on one outcome you will achieve every day.

  1. 1 Year Outcome/Goal – What is your goal and outcome for the year ahead?
  2. ½ yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly Check-ins – What do you need to have achieved by each check-in?
  3. Daily – What One Outcome do you need to achieve every day? 

Sounds simple doesn’t it, the next step is up to you.

This post was written by Simon Moore, founder of The School of Purpose for Introverts

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