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A budget-friendly way to #spendsmall & support your local small business

Has anyone asked you how they can best support your small business right now? I loved this recent Instagram post from Sydney journalist Alexandra Carlton. She shares a simple and super effective approach to supporting her own small business community, while she’s on a budget.


At times like these it can be easy to think we have to hoard our resources, but as Alex so simply puts it, even a one or two purchase a week can make a difference when you spend mindfully.

There’s never been a better time to remind friends, family and your local community how they can support you.

Pass it on!


Lucy Kippist

is an experienced Australian editor with experience in writing, podcasting radio and television, with previous senior editorial roles at News Corp news.com.au, Kidspot and Kinderling Kids Radio. In her current role as editor of Flying Solo, Australia's #1 website for solo business owners she is pursuing her passion for women in the small business space. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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