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VIDEO 5/5: How to market your business during a crisis

In our final video for our COVID-19 pandemic playbook for small business series we're speaking with Andrea Atzori, founder of Digital Content Marketing Agency, Ambire about the best marketing strategy to implement for our small business during a crisis.

Feeling overwhelmed with COVID-19? We think this five part series brought to you by Vonto will help you tackle some of the current questions you might have.


In our final video for this series we’re speaking with Andrea Atzori, founder of Digital Content Marketing Agency, Ambire. 

Andrea tells Lucy that COVID-19 presents a great opportunity to rethink the way we market our businesses. He says the first step is getting more comfortable with our creativity and encouraging ourselves to ‘think outside the box’

In this discussion we cover:

  • Should we be talking to our customers and clients more during isolation?
  • How to kickstart your creativity and apply that to your marketing strategy
  • What kind of data is useful to collect on our customers and clients during this period?
  • The role empathy can (and should) play in your marketing strategy
  • What to say when your customer asks you a question you don’t know how to answer

We hope this series brings you education, entertainment and some comfort as we navigate through this together.

This video is proudly bought to you by Vonto the mobile app that helps you stay on top of your business by delivering daily insights from Xero, Google Analytics, Shopify. Learn more about Vonto here 


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