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Sep 20, 2020
Nov 27, 2008
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[email protected] Aug 10, 2020

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Sep 20, 2020
    1. Burgo
    2. Devnik0202
      Hi Burgo

      I hope you are doing well, I have a few questions regarding starting a carpet cleaning business if you don't mind answering:

      1. I am employed fulltime working 8 days in a fortnight, will it possible for me start carpet cleaning on the other days.
      3. Is it possible for you to help me find some one who can help me learn the trade I live in Melbourne Northern Suburbs.
    3. GoodClean
      Hi Burgo

      with pleasure I understand that you are a well-known member.
      Can you please advise where I can find more about lead third party generation?
      Do you advise it?
    4. Kelly Exeter FS Editor
      Kelly Exeter FS Editor
      Hey Burgo. I've written my piece about Dad's who've chosen the solo life and would love to show it to you before publishing on Friday. Could you let me know your email address? Kelly x
      1. Burgo
        Jul 21, 2015
    5. Divert To Mobile
      Divert To Mobile
      Happy birthday Burgo
      70 will be the next great decade
    6. TheGoldenGoose
      How are you? Glad to see you made it home from the train station after last years Jolly Solo! :)
      Keeping well? Leah Klugt
    7. Burgo
      Now the reason I didnt send you an email I lost your email address .....getting clumsy in my old age
    8. sam_leader
      Hi Burgo,

      Sorry for not responding sooner, receiving this message through the forum and not my email meant it went clean out of my head and I didn't attend to it on either of my work days! I'll get onto this tomorrow, I promise!

      Thanks for your patience,

    9. Burgo
      If you would like to send me the quote please to
      [email protected] I will then organise payment. I am also thinking of giving the book to new WoolSafe members, but many are also ICAN members, but the guys in WA may like one.
    10. sam_leader
      G'day Burgo,

      Great to hear from you. Ask Raja to drop me a line and I'll get back in touch with a quote for the 20 copies.

      Good to hear you're still spreading the Flying Solo gospel amongst your members!

      Love your work,
    11. [Former] FS Concierge
      [Former] FS Concierge
      Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for your note - that's our absolute pleasure. And thank you again for all you've contributed to FS over the years :)

      Jayne and the FS gang
    12. Torunn Momtazi
      Torunn Momtazi
      hi Patrick, I saw from an earlier forum posting that there is a monthly FS meet up in Darling Harbour (or elsewhere in CBD). I'd love to drop by if it's still running and open for newcomers. I'm a FS member. Not sure how this messaging works, but you can also reach me on [email protected] With thanks. Torunn
    13. Burgo
      Why not I reckon I am as useless as him
    14. soliddata
      Nice avatar Burgo - are you thinking about a run in politics?
    15. Burgo
      Thanks Mark Facebook really confuses me, but Im willing to try any thing once
    16. Mark Prosser
      Mark Prosser
      Hey Burgo, you're facebook link just goes to the facebook login in page. if you want people to see your facebook profile, log onto your facebook page, click on the profile tab and use the link in the address bar. Cheers, Mark.
    17. MatthewKeath
      Hi, I have enjoyed your posts. Thanks

    18. Heidi Price
      Heidi Price
      Hey there stranger! We miss you ;-)
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