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Dec 23, 2016
    1. roxanne40
      Are you still active as a member. I tried to click thru to your Blog but it said " no server found". I have an Ebay Store, secondary to my E commerce website. We do well with both but would like someone to manage my eBay marketing etc. do you know of any contacts.
    2. djhosken
      Hi Hatching it, I saw on one of your other posts that you are part of a shipping aggregation group that import stuff. I also import stuff from China. Would you be looking for people to join your group?
    3. Fashionit
      Hi hatching it,
      I'm just starting (or trying to) a new business, This is just about desk lamps and in short. I was reading one of your comments about sharing a container with others to bring the product into Autralia. My product is located in ShenZhen. Could your (if you don't mind) let me know the process to be part of that team?
      Thanks in Advance
    4. Murchie
      Hi Hatchin_it,
      Thought I'd say hi as you will see I was stalking you lol. I am impressed with your knowledge re eBay. I too sell on eBay and am looking to to possibly set up an online store also. If I may ask how did you find your eBay mentor? - I want one!
      Kind Regards,
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