Mar 9, 2012
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currently working on not working.... Dec 2, 2015

    1. LucasArthur
      currently working on not working....
    2. Ed01
      Hi Jason, really enjoy reading your posts mate and love what you've done with the website! looks amazing... My names Ahmed 'Ed' and i have also considered venturing out into the 3PL scene as well as trying to run the family biz (wholesale/suppliers). Have had many years of experience in the logistics industry, so with extra space and much needed extra revenue streams what would be the best way to make a start?

      Kind Regards

    3. BuddyBoy
      Hi Jason,
      I only just saw your reply to this post on Google.
      I didn't realise the link went on Google.
      Some conversations I would rather not have with the rest of the world so I better be more careful how I post personal questions.
    4. LucasArthur
      Hey Brett,

      Mate, investors.. tough gig.. Angel Investors maybe? i dont know any directly though...

      The large retailers are also a drain on your $$$ in the way that they carry accounts, expect minimums and everything is your responsibility.. i have had a recent experience with one guy i mentored (who i suggested not to do this) get taken advantage of by one of the largest hardware guys for the sum of over $200k, due to a simple contractual misunderstanding.. everything is written in their favour..

      Not trying to scare you, just make sure if you pursue this to ensure you cross your t's and dot your i's :)

      I took a sneak peak at your FB page and am waiting to catch up with my brother (plasterer) and was going to chat with him about it as well.. LOL...

      Let me ponder your question some more though.. be in touch..

    5. LucasArthur
      Hi Brett

      Thanks for message, and kind comment..

      Re workshops, i have not been involved in many of late as not been self promoting at all.. (not in my nature) although i do regularly sit with local other FS or businesses and help over a coffee :) - well, we mutually learn i guess....

      Cheers mate and thanks again

    6. BuddyBoy
      Hi Jason,
      Your posts are very informative.
      I am wondering if you get involved in any business workshops at all?

      Brett Naylor
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