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Mar 29, 2020
Sep 24, 2008
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Sydney, Australia
Director & Founder of Flying Solo

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Robert Gerrish

Administrator, from Sydney, Australia

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Mar 29, 2020
    1. Ric Willmot
      Ric Willmot
      Hello Robert, I am finalising the design of the 2009 Executive Wisdom Business College. I received great input from many sources about what people are looking for. The College is aimed at SME's. I was wondering if Flying Solo would like to co-promote the seminar with us on a commercial basis and we could also then provide a discount for Solo-Members. Drop me a note or give me a call and let me know. No dramas if the answer is "no", but will be delighted to chat with you if the answer is "yes".
      2 + Optional 3rd Day College - plan to hold it on the Gold Coast unless enough people would like to have it held in Sydney instead. Always willing to listen to feedback.
    2. Robert Gerrish
      Robert Gerrish
      Sounds good, thanks Karen!
    3. Creating Change
      Creating Change
      Hi Robert, for you I shall make an honorary membership spot in the Melbournites group.
      cheers, Karen D.
    4. Robert Gerrish
      Robert Gerrish
      Lovely to hear from you Nadya and CONGRATULATIONS - you're going to be busy now!
    5. Nadya
      hey robert!
      now this is fun! not sure if i am using it the right way but giving it a shot. hope you are well and loving your 'busy-ness'. my little boy is 3 now!! incredible. and i'm going back for more - april next year. business is good and finally getting some artwork out the door :)
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    Home page:
    Sydney, Australia
    Director & Founder of Flying Solo
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    At Flying Solo we offer a means for solo and micro businesses to connect, learn and have more enjoyment. That's the plan anyway. Alongside my FS work, I work one-on-one with up to five businesses a month through my coaching practice; present a weekly video blog for CBS Interactive; write for a couple of online publications and present at conferences and events on all things micro.
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    Founder and Director of Flying Solo. Lover of all things solo.

    Working (no really!), playing with my wife and son, walking, kayaking and lounging around in cafés.


    Robert Gerrish, founder of Flying Solo
    Podcaster, Olympus Trip restorer, Presenter
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