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Is comparison the thief of joy, or does it help motivate you?

Discussion in 'Get productive' started by Lucy Kippist, Sep 24, 2019.

  1. Lucy Kippist

    Lucy Kippist Active Member Staff Member

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    Great column from FS alumni, Ingrid Moyle today on the problem with comparing yourself to others in business.

    As much as I love social media (hold your fire!) I think it can be a real issue here, don't you think?

    What are some of the questions/thoughts you can use when you catch yourself thinking everyone else is doing a better job than you?
  2. bb1

    bb1 Renowned Member

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    I really struggle with this article, besides being very high level non meaning ideas, just based on copying your competitor, who you believe (note I said believe) are successful.

    I would really love to know what her thoughts on success really are, I have my suspicions based on her opening paragraphs. In which case is it really relevant to 90% of the population because I think everyone's idea of success varies.

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