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Need help to pack shipping boxes good!

Discussion in 'Logistics' started by lilmis, Oct 15, 2020.

  1. lilmis

    lilmis Member

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    Hello. Im launching soon and am all set with custom boxes and my courier. The issue is i make timber stairs and ramps (for pets). So having odd shapes in a box. As they are heavy no doubt will have boxes stacked on them in the van.

    I am struggling to find a business/person that can 'show/teach' how to pack my items correctly, limiting the likelihood of damage.

  2. Paul - FS Concierge

    Paul - FS Concierge Administrator Staff Member

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    Hopefully some helpful members will be along soon with some advice to point you in the right direction.

    Outside of that, as a consumer, I have sometimes marvelled how things are designed and packed.

    Have you thought of designing for packaging as well as form and function?

  3. LucasArthur

    LucasArthur Renowned Member

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    Are you just asking how to place the item INTO your customer boxes for maximum protection? It generally relates directly to your item and lots of trial and error, in my experience.. maybe there is a business idea in your question :)
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  4. robdash

    robdash Member

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    Your problem is that part of your carton will have just air. this makes the carton vulnerable to collapsing. You can get different grades of cardboard, so pick one that will protect your product, and not collapse when at the bottom of the pile. I have packed 300 kg motorbikes in a cardboard carton. OR you find a filling material like foam, that can fill the space. this secures the product in the carton, and it helps add rigidity to the carton. When packing fine china and expensive pieces I would sometimes use a spray foam specially designed for that purpose. I have no idea if it is an economic solution for you. A cheaper filler could be another, smaller cardboard box, on the bottom "step" and reaching to the same height as the top step.
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