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Your behaviour will determine your marketing strategies

Discussion in 'Marketing mastery' started by businessguru, Sep 24, 2020.

  1. businessguru

    businessguru Member

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    As a business coach of almost 20 years now, I have realised through the study of human behaviour in business, that business owners levitate to certain marketing strategies based on their behavioural type. What does that mean? It means that you will do the marketing that suits your behviour rather than what suits the business and that could be a determining factor whether or not you succeed or fail. An example is that you may need to make cold calls in your business but your behaviour stops you from doing it. This could be in the form of excuses as to why cold calling wont work or you may have better option. It could be procrastinating on setting up a social media campaign or , going to a networking meeting or connecting with affiliates to partner up with or as simple as putting an ad in the local paper. You behaviour determines not only your marketing but your sales, recuritment, systems, mindset, planning and decision making. It's vital that you understand your own behaviour and your strengths and weaknesses and you will find it will give you alot more clarity in the way you go about making decisions in your business.
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  2. MattDell

    MattDell Member

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    This is a good point David and not constrained to marketing - it's true of every aspect of your business. What if you hate cleaning, does that mean your shop can be dirty? Of course one solution is to outsource the things you don't do well and concentrate on generating income for the things you do well. Easier said than done of course. If everything was easy everyone would be doing it :)
  3. Paul - FS Concierge

    Paul - FS Concierge Administrator Staff Member

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    You see this phenomenon in every workplace.

    Most jobs have a large number of specific duties that can be performed.

    People gravitate to those task that they like doing and are good at - it provides gratification.

    But not necessarily productivity.


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