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Things to do :
Talk it over with family and trusted friends going over the positives and negatives.
Determine what you are good at and then look for network helpers for the other areas that you need (accounting,legal,advertising etc)
Find a GOOD Tax Accountant to work with AND right from the start ask what Accounting software do you need(a lot of people buy it first,then go to the Accountant – WRONG WAY !!!
Expect disappointments and problems – Look at ways you will deal with these when they arrive
Look for and ask around for web sites(Flying Solo) and reference material (eg My Business) that you WILL need to guide you and help you remain focused.
Aim for long term committment right from the start.
There is a cost to look at – you will need to spend a bit on insurance – Public Liability, Income protection, vehicle, professional indemity etc
For Christians out there – spend time praying( by yourself and with friends)

Dont look at starting a business if :
1. family are dead against it
2. If you are someone who gets sick often – remember you dont get paid sickies
3. You dont like working hard
4. if you dont want to look at the protental for the business carefully – your hobby that you love doing may not make a viable business.