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Hi Renee

I have just been reading this thread with all this great advice!! And from one of the founders of “Procrastinors Anonymous” I am torn between … “just get started” and plan so you don’t have to rebrand and redo. As “reworking” is my biggest pet hate. I am actually dreaming about operational processes whilst still in start up phase ….. maybe I need to find the elusive world of balance??

Besides, rushing the business development stage means you’ll probably be up for a rebrand down the track, which can be both costly and confusing to your target market/clients.

The final piece of advice that at least one poster pointed out is (probably paraphrased), ‘Just get started!’ I’ve seen so many people who are so overwhelmed by what sort of web site they need, domains, web hosting, logos, etc. that they simply never go forward.

Every business is different, but I’ve found that:

passion + motivation + a great product/service = business success