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I would say two of the most important things are to surround yourself with like minded people, those who think like an entrepreneur and who have gone down the path of self employment, and secondly, absolutely believe in whatever it is you are doing – no matter how passionate you are about your particular business you will have days where you just want to run away from it all – what gets you through those days is having total belief in the product or service you are offering. My site Space4 is not a profit making site, and has involved a huge amount of work over the past few years, but I absolutely wholeheartedly believe in the service it is offering and so that ended up being what got me through.

My other advice would be if budget is an issue, then perhaps continue to work part time or even full time whilst establishing yourself.

Oh – and if you come across obstacles – don’t give up – I learnt a long time ago that there is ALWAYS a way! You just have to find it…