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Hi :)

Before you do anything like engage designers or buy furniture, you need to analyse what you’re going to use the space for. I know it sounds rather basic, but often people go for aesthetics and things like Feng Shui before they are practical about it.

Are you going to want to store things? If so, what (and go down to stapler level)? How much of it? How much paper do you need to store? And take into account your personality; Are you a visual, creative type? You’ll most likely need a large desk surface if that’s the case, and probably a whiteboard or similar. I could go on for pages but I’m sure you get the point!

So decide what you’re going to do in the space, and then what physical items you need in order to undertake those activities, then where you’re going to put those items, THEN start looking for attractive things to put them in and on (and if you’re into Feng Shui by all means investigate it after you know the essentials).

All the best, it’s very exciting to be able to create your own space to work in, enjoy it!

And also consider engaging a professional organiser for the analysis, we do this stuff a lot ;)