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Lee Cass Event Planner
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A home office is such a personal thing, especially colours and layout. With great information out there, i.e., web research keywords “How to Design My Home Office” and FlyingSolo responses, you’ll be up and running in no time.
My 5 tips:
1. Get your electrician to put double power points on each wall so you can conveniently move your desk, printer, shredder etc.
2. Reduce energy using sun for light and warmth – see point 1.
3. Put blinds on doors to block or direct light (cool or retain warmth).
4. Get yourself a “Do Not Disturb” or Professional At Work sign (you’ll think of something) to put on the door so family, friends know you’re busy working and do not want to be disturbed.
5. Leave your chair outside ’cause you’ll stack it with junk or spend more time playing the guitar than working. Ouch! Zero dollars..
Good Luck!