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Renee Barber, post: 314 wrote:
It sounds like you really need a magic decorator: poof and it’s finished. If only it were so simple!

At any rate, I did a quick scan, but didn’t see an indication about what you actually do … That’ll, of course, influence the design of your office. However, here are some general items I’d recommend:

  • an ergonomic, comfortable chair
  • an arrangement that does NOT have your back to the door
  • a room with a view, if possible (the times our camellias and azaleas have perked up my day are without number)
  • a good sound system (when I’m designing, I love nothing more than to listen to my tunes)
  • the organisers will hate me, but if you hate filing like I do, buy a piece of furniture with doors so you can pop your filing away if you need to get it out of sight for a client meeting
  • For some reason, I’m seeing teal and earthy tones in your room, nothing too overpowering.

Remember that you can always add and fine-tune (no pun intended in light of the guitar playing) so it might be best to simply start simple. Whatever you end up doing, please post a photo so we can see how you went! :-)

I will post before and after shots… Definitely. WLC.