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WLC, post: 78 wrote:
Hi. I have four walls and two doors to a room that has (I’m sure) incredible potential as a home office. I have a budget (hoping $3000 will cover the remodel), access to a licensed electrician, and I’m willing to put in the sweat equity as the painter. I even have a few ideas on what I want.

I thought about IKEA, but just can’t get my head around all of it.

I need the design, the furniture, and the installation. Any recommendations? WLC.

Hi, although sometimes a bit of professional advice might help, I guess these two resources provide wonderful insights as to what can be achieved for a home office, perhaps showing both extremes to the equation.


By the way, that site has an ongoing section for featuring cool workspaces, so it’s good to keep an eye on it.
Hope this helps,