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Can changing processes save our planet?
Change your business to use electronic versions of documents rather than paper copies – absolutely. Receive faxes electronically, rather than via a paper printer – absolutely.

Can improving processes save a business?
Geez – it depends, but there are broader issues than the proceses. Business strategy, employee motivation and alignment, technology, sales & marketing. Does it contribute to the big picture – absolutely.

Can improving processes improve your life?
Yes and No. Processes for process sake create beauracratic pain without the associated benefit. This is where you need to submit Form 406, with an double-authorised Form 1255, and then provide the requisite supporting documentation. Or you could just go out and buy the pen yourself.

Processes devised to help the business create efficiency, balanced against control and visibility; then sure.

What do you think?
Processes are wholly under-rated. Many businesses don’t appreciate the significant benefits that could be realised from improved and documented processes.

Good post, Mr Ninja.