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I think the term “forced” says it all. Nobody likes being forced to do anything and building a relationship can’t be forced or you won’t like the relationship to start with.

As for person-to-person networking, I’m so damn social that there are times that I stand there talking and enjoying somebody’s company so much that I forget to hand them a card. If it was fun enough though, they usually find me somewhere though.

That thing with the chocolates though is one way to go if you’re being forced to hand them out. Got a mate that had his cards made out of old cereal boxes, so that’s a unique enough thing to make you stand out.

I was thinking I’d take mine one step past the chocolate and just make my business cards edible. Think of the possibilities… “Hey, it’s Judd, remember me? You don’t? I gave you my card… ohhhhh, you ATE it dinchoo!! Naughty!”