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The more time I have on my hands the less I seem to achieve in my day. Daydreaming (disguised as planning, brainstorming, you fill in the blanks!) has proven to be an area where I have wasted countless hours, maybe even days if you added it all up.

To try and combat my own tendency to procrastinate, I have set aside several small chunks of time a day where I allow myself to sit back and think about or plan what I need to do to reach the goals I have set. Even thought ‘thinking’ is a beneficial and necessary part of the overall picture, I try to to limit the amount of time spent on this as it is time I could be spending taking action.

Ultimately, success comes when you take consistent action towards your goals.

Each day I list six ‘action’ requirements to be fulfilled. Having a definite plan of attack for the day helps you to feel more organised, plus you get the feeling of accomplishment when you check each item off of your action list.