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Geoff Kelly
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This is a big subject, but try these 6 things – they will make a massive difference if you trust me and give them a go each day for a month.

1. Don’t work from your To-Do list. You’ll only cherry-pick low value easy stuff just to keep ticking items off.
2. Instead, each day decide the 6 most important things you need to do tomorrow. Then prioritise them, estimate how much time each will take, and stick each in a slot in your diary.
3. Commit to spend 40 to 60 percent of your day on these priorities.
4. Turn off email and your phone (and time-wasting people – this is seriously important) when you need to focus for periods of time. Small interuptions have no right to your attention when you need to be in your zone.
5. To write fast, I use the 60:60:30 system. I set an egg-timer to 50 minutes and go fast on nothing by my project. Then I take a 10 minute break from it, and do anotehr 50 minutes uninterrupted. Then a 10 minute break, followed by 30 minutes doing something entirely different to my project. This results in huge dividends. When I can, I repeat this cycle to double the outcome.
6. If you are still having trouble, take out a blank sheet of paper and write all the reasons WHY this project is important and possibly urgent. If you’ve got a big why, you will be unstoppable.

Let me know how you go.