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There are many Industry related forums available but nothing for the Soloist.
Thanks Robert.

I belong to the Carpet Cleaners forum and have been for around ten years.
This forum provides so much information and feedback it has become an essential part of our business.
We have many people join us from around the world giving insight to what is happening what new products have come on to the market so that our customers here in Australia benefit from the lastest tecnology.

With this forum we have members from many different walks of life. What an experience, and what a great place to Network.

Although I have actively retired from hands on work, the joy and satisfaction I get from being able to help others is beyond any amount of money you can earn.

Everytime you post you are actually helping someone else, you never know that one of your throw away lines may just strike a cord with another member, that is looking for an answer to an issue.

So enjoy this forum because I know Im going to learn heeps from it.