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Adam Randall
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MYOB, post: 350 wrote:
Isn’t carbonite American? Does it still cost $50?

I wanted to go that way – but hubby did not like the though of an on-line back up.

So we are with Maxtor…though I amnot impressed with it – I need a Maxtor consultant !!

If only everysoftware had certified consultants like MYOB, that could come to your house and sort these things out in a jiffy!

Maxtor is no more, its owned by Seagate, although the make of the disk is not important, they all work the same.
Its like wanting a Bridgestone consultant to change a tyre, they are all black, round and made of rubber (tyres not disks:)

I think there is more danger in running your own backup than there is in an automatic online backup.

My Smart tool and its another freebie!! it must be the season for giving eh. Although there are paid versions too.

Yousendit is for sending large files over the internet. Instead of sending it through the email system which can upset some people on dial up (Yes they still exist) you send an email with a link.