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MYOB, post: 2044 wrote:
So do you think I can sign up for carbonite without hubby finding out?

Does it slow your system down?

I reckon Hubby will want Carbonite himself, when he sees how good it is.

1. It gives a visual aid snapshot of all backed up files/folders on your hard drive, so you know at a glance what is backed and what isn’t.
2. There is no slow down in performance, even when backing up online for the first time.
3. It is automatic. It backs up as soon as you have finished working. Set and forget. How good is that?
4. For the techies – Carbonite uses a combination of Blowfish and DES III (Triple DES) encryption.
5. There is now Carbonite Australia, and a very good local tech support.
6. Not even my external backup drive can make me feel this good, knowing that finally I have on offsite backup solution that works like a charm.


I’ll put a vote in for Carbonite. It saved my skin recently when I lost all my files when my hard drive failed. Online Backup is definitely the way to go.

I’m with you, Luke! They get my vote, and my money. At $6 per month, I now have all my current work data, emails and contacts backed up offsite, 4 years of critical client files requiring government privacy levels, 8 years of business records, and 15 years of personal effects, photos, documents and memories.
In total, 7.6Gb, and pretty much everything I value, in terms of data.