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Hi Des,

I think Quitober is a great idea.

Have you considered getting sponsorship from Nicorette or a similar brand? I’d have thought they’d get behind it for sure. Whether you want to ally so closely with them is another matter.

I think your concept of ‘quitting altogether’ is very powerful. If you could help facilitate a ‘buddying up’ system on the Quitober site, that’d be great. E.g. if you succeed, your employee matches your $50, if you and your fellow employee succeed, they’ll donate $200.

Also, I’d try to find out what the average smoker spends on cigarettes per month and make that the amount they need to donate to take part in Quitober. That’d make a great media hook. Is that question in your survey?

Finally, and out of interest, what charity would the funds support?

Hope this helps!