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Great site! With an 18 month year old, we are in the thick of it with little missy!

Some humble suggestions if I may:
1. On the resources page, and maybe news also, have some summary links at the top or on the left. Its not overly clear how many articles there are and where one starts and one stops. You’ve got some great content, so the next step for mine is to work on the navigation to find the articles.
2. I’m not sure how important this is for you, but you could become a more central resource if you were to provide an “Important Links” page (name not important). This could have names, phone numbers, URL’s, etc of community services such as Karritane, DOCS, Lifeline, Nanny services, etc. Parents who know your site would then also know that you had a complete listing of peripheral services.
3. As you have it on the Contact page; might be best to put the special offer at the top. Scream it from the highest. On the about us page; its hidden down the bottom.
4. On the Contact page; its often good to put a “where did you hear about us” question/drop-down. That way you can know where to focus your marketing efforts for future.
5. Given the “long distance” visit quotes; what’s your travel limits? Melbourne? interstate?
6. I agree with KarenC on the Americanised images.
7. Something we’ve focused on at Dedication Group with consulting services is the apprehension in client’s eyes of open-ended consulting services. That is, flat hourly rates without any certainty of how much a typical spend would be. So, can you provide a chunking of your consulting into packages that people could purchase up front. This would lock in a min number of consulting hours per client for you, while providing a cap to clients. This may not be suitable for your business, but worth considering.
8. This may eat into your business (and take it with a grain of salt), but could you provide a reading list for parents. Not all parents are going to use your services (it’d be great to sew up the market of course!). Think about how you can still add value to these prospective clients even if they aren’t buying from you right now.
9. This is an overall awesome service. We have just come out of the 1st year of parenthood, and how tough it is being completely clueless (well, we were!). In that context; I instantly lean to looking for services on newborns. If you don’t offer those services; could you partner with a company/business/soloist who offers newborn support? This would mean that you would have the market sewn up from birth to teen (even if just on a referral basis).

Best of luck! Great business idea.