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Renee Barber
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Hi Carole

First of all, it’s great that you were brave enough to ask for suggestions. :-)

Here’s my feedback:

  • I love your logo!
  • The overall site design is simple, clean and warm and I think your target market will respond to all of those qualities.
  • There’s undoubtedly a lot of great information, but there’s way too much scrolling which might overwhelm time-poor parents (admittedly that’s redundant as I’ve never heard of any time-rich parents …). To help parents more readily absorb the information, I recommend that you break it up with more subheads and links to jump to other areas of interest. You might also want to add a second layer of menus to better organise the material into more readily digestible bites.
  • I agree with other posters that the font size is too small in many of the key areas. If the font size is too small, it leads to eye-fatigue. You might also experiment with using a serif font to see if that improves readability. Many people don’t recommend serif fonts for the web, but it really depends on the font, the target market and the application.
  • Finally, while your special offer certainly stands out, I think the red is a bit overpowering.

I hope these suggestions help and wish you luck with your business!

Before I close, I have a query for the people who said some of the images are ‘Americanised’. I’d love to know which ones you’re referring to and also what aspects of the photos make you feel that way. I’ll look forward to reading your thoughts.