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I think that some pages are way too long. Maybe you could add an extra heading and then split them up. You could have more links from your top menu and to give a bit more space you don’t need a link to the page that you are on so that when you are on the “News” page you don’t need to have a link to “News”.

Also I noticed that some of the pictures don’t line up with what is on the page. The one that i noticed was the news page with “The Paradox of the Ideal Dad” beside a picture of “Child and Mum cooking”.

While having your details on the left hand side of the page with the content on the other is fine on short pages you are wasting space on the longer pages which means more scrolling by people visiting. What might work better is to have your details as a footer and then use the whole width.

Just an observation but I noticed that the site is hosted in Germany. But that’s OK because Creative Chaos host theirs in the USA.