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David Head
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Hi Missie
Having had a look at the site, here are my comments:

1. If I am in the target market then why is it called “Business Mums Magazine”? I suspect I am not in your sights!
2. What is a WAHM? I suspect it is a work at home Mum but it is not explained and used like it is a well know acronym.
3. I think there is too much to read to get the idea of what it is all about
4. I am in the process of revamping my site and got some very good consulting advice recently. Among that advice was that you need obvious calls to action on your home page. You have some but they are not very big or obvious. “Subscribe Now” should be huge!
5. Another bit of advice I got was to profile a visitor. Be her and ask what she would want to see and do right there and then. Divorce yourself from everything you know about your business and the magazine.
6. So I need to know more information, and more quickly. How much is it? Why is it different to any other mag I get? What problem are you solving for me?
7. The page title needs more explanation ;)

Just some random thoughts.