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Hi Melissa,
I’m new to the Forum and just happen to be a Work at Home Mum who also has a small business, so I guess that puts me right in your target market!

With regard to your website I would have to agree with some of the comments already made by Des & David regarding specifying the benefits of your organisation.

Moreover, as there are already a couple of online Womens Business groups you need create a rapport with potential members by specifying:
– the particular benefits of joining your group?
– what can your organisation offer that the others don’t?
– A brief explanantion of who owns or runs the organisation and why it was started?

Also, these benefits need to be stated up front and in your opening paragraph(s) so that people will feel the need join and register on your site even before you give them the opportunity to sign up.

Finally, rather than beginning with offering different types of membership, emphasise the free trial offer and highlight what information/resources will they get they have access to. After explaining the free trial offer, then go into detail different types of membership whilst highlighting benefits of each.

Hope this helps & goodluck

Melanie Hay
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